How does the Icebreaker work?

As with any conversation there are to sides to consider: the one of the author and the one of the recipient. To make sure you get a better picture of what the feature can do, we show you both sides.

The Icebreaker from the point of view of the author:

With the Icebreaker your first message may contain of 250 characters. That should be enough, to make a good first impression and to generate interest. Statistically, extremely long chat requests have the lowest response rate - closely followed by requests like “Hi” or ”Hey, what's up?” You may very well be creative.

The sending is not done via a button, but by using a 'swipe'. That minimizes the risk that the message is sent accidentally too early. In addition, you can easily consider whether your message is really final or maybe needs a finishing touch. Spelling is sometimes just as sexy as a flat belly or trained body.

The Icebreaker from the point of view of the recipient:

When you receive an Icebreaker, you get a push message to inform you about it. Also, within the app, the receipt of an Icebreaker message is highlighted.

Important to know: You can always open only one Icebreaker - all others only become readable once this one has been processed by you. There is no list of all remaining Icebreaker messages. Moreover, you cannot see how many Icebreakers you have in total. The one you are writing now might very well be the last one. This increases the tension a little as well as the personal value of each message. Each author has the same, fair chance to receive an answer, because it is not possible to skip or simply leave it unanswered.

There are still more innovations: When you open an Icebreaker, you can click on the profile picture to view all other picture of the user - without even navigating to the user profile. An answer to an Icebreaker does not automatically create a match.

And probably the biggest difference to the chat request: When you are not convinced by an Icebreaker and do not want to answer, we ask you for a reason. Your feedback is important to us, but also for the author of the message. But don't worry: Your feedback will be send to the user in the form of a general improvement proposal. He or she does not know directly why you rejected the message.





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