Where can I see Icebreakers I sent?

There is no list of unanswered or rejected Icebreakers. When someone replies to your Icebreaker, you can find the message in your chats and you can write each other like normal.

If you don't know, who you already sent an Icebreaker, simply have a look in the profile to check the letter symbol:

  • Normal letter symbol: You have not sent an Icebreaker. It is time! ; -)
  • A letter symbol with three small dots: You have already sent an Icebreaker, which has not yet been answered.
  • A letter symbol with an “x": You have already sent an Icebreaker but it got rejected.

By clicking the letter symbol, you can read the message you sent and also see tips for improvement for your next message to someone else.

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