Not into fake profiles? Neither are we... The authenticity of profiles is very important to us and other users. Verify your identity with our "Verified" seal so that you have full use of all the basic functions and score as many of your potential dream partners as possible.

Conditions for verification:

- Verification of the email address
- At least one profile picture in your gallery in which your face is easily recognisable

How to verify your profile:

1) Switch to the "Your profile" view.
2) Click on "Verify profile" below your profile picture (app) or to the right of your profile picture (website.
3) Follow the instructions.
4) Please note: Your face and the paper with your username and the displayed code must be easily recognisable in the picture.

We will match it with your profile pictures as soon as we have received the photo from you. Once this has been done, the process is complete and your profile will receive the "Verified" seal.

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