VIP benefits

Taking up a VIP subscription offers you a great many benefits in comparison to a free basic profile. VIP status allows you to enjoy the following features:

Automatic profile revealing
No more credits for the revealing of profiles! You will now immediately be able to see who visited your profile.

More Icebrakers
Get in touch with others users without having a match. Therefore you are able to send more Icebreakers than free users on a daily basis. 

Total Match fun
No longer a daily play limit! As a LOVOO VIP, you can play Match everyday without restriction and find more people to click with.

Ghost mode
Make yourself invisible! When you activate ghost mode, you will be able to browse profiles unnoticed and will not be displayed as a profile visitor.

Profile highlighter
When you activate the profile highlighter, a gold frame will appear around your profile photo. This way, you can increase your popularity and receive more messages. Naturally, you can also deactivate this feature. 

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