How can I become a Premium member?

We cooperate with a number of payment providers so you can purchase your Premium membership as easily as possible.

In the LOVOO app you can choose between the following payment providers:
- iTunes
- Google Play (and Google Play balance)
- PayPal

On the LOVOO website you can choose between the following payment providers:
- PayPal
- Stripe
- Visa/Mastercard (Stripe and Paymentwall)
- Mobile invoice (Mobiamo)
- Instant bank transfer (Klarna and giropay)
- paysafecard

Usually, the aforementioned providers do not permit finalizing a subscription without your bank account or credit card being linked to the account in question. If you choose the payment option instant bank transfer, mobile invoice, paysafecard or Paymentwall you will not purchase a subscription but finalize a single purchase instead. At the moment we do not accept payments by direct debit or usual bank transfer.


Before finalizing a payment via mobile invoice please contact your network operator to make sure this option does exist. Furthermore we recommend you to read their terms and conditions.

Please make sure that your email address used in your payment providers account is identical to the email address used to register with LOVOO. Otherwise the payment may not be linked correctly to the target profile.

A Premium membership is bound to the profile it has initially been activated on and cannot be transferred to another profile. Therefore, please make sure to deactivate an active subscription with your payment provider before deleting your profile on LOVOO.

PLEASE NOTE: The deletion of a LOVOO profile does not automatically lead to the deactivation of a subscription.

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