Do you want to stop the automatic renewal of your membership or do you intend to delete your profile and still have an active Premium membership? You can do this easy and fast, if you cancel it directly with your payment provider. Because the purchase contract was made between you and the given payment provider.

NOTE: Deleting a LOVOO profile does not automatically lead to the termination of an existing subscription!

Once a membership has been terminated, your profile will remain as Premium until the booked time period has expired. Afterwards, the profile will simply be switched back to a basic profile.

You can terminate your subscription as follows:

 - iTunes:

Here you can find instructions on how to deactivate the automatic extension.

 - Google Play:

You can terminate the automatic renewal up to 24 hours before the expiry of your Premium membership. You can find detailed instructions here.

If you are not able to terminate your subscription, please contact payments.google.com. You can view and manage all Google memberships there.

If you have paid via mobile invoice, please contact payments.google.com directly.

 - PayPal:

If you have concluded a Premium membership via PayPal, you can cancel the automatic subscription renewal directly in your PayPal account:

1) Log into your account via www.paypal.com
2) Select the option "Display all transactions" within "Overview".
3) Look for a LOVOO transaction and click on "Details".
4) Click on the link "Display direct debit agreement" at the top.
5) Select the "Cancel" option to terminate the automatic extension and confirm the cancellation of the subscription in the following dialogue.

The successful cancellation will then be confirmed by PayPal.

 - Stripe:

Cancelling a subscription via Stripe is currently only possible on the LOVOO website. To do this, log in to the website and click on the gear symbol in the upper right corner to get to settings and then select "Premium". Now click on the phrase "Cancel subscription" and follow the instructions of Stripe.

Note: If you choose the payment option instant bank transfer, PaySafe card or Paymentwall your membership will end automatically at the expiration of the booked time period and will not be renewed. You can view your payment details, such as the selected time period, in your personal account of the respective provider.



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