VIP has not yet been activated

Was your membership not immediately activated on your profile following successful purchase? Don't panic! It may be due to a delayed transmission of the purchase information by the selection payment provider. For this reason, we kindly ask for your patience.

Occasionally, it is also necessary to first log out and then in again before the VIP membership is shown on your profile.

If, after some time and logging in again, there has still been no change, please contact us and describe the problem as accurately as possible. As a general rule, you will receive an email confirmation from your payment provider after making a purchase. If you are not able to find this, please log into your account with the chosen payment provider to view the payment receipt in question. In order to keep the processing time for your concern as short as possible, please add a screen shot of the payment receipt to your query on which the following information is visible:

- Your email address with which you are registered at LOVOO
- Date of purchase
- Transaction number
- Email address which you used to register with your payment provider, if it is not identical to the one you registered with at LOVOO.

Please note that we cannot assist you without the aforementioned information.

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