Better safe than sorry!

Our goal is to bring people together and we are delighted when our users meet in real life. Sadly, this meeting doesn't always go the way you imagine it to.

For this reason, we recommend the following:

- Only arrange to meet up with users who you trust.
- Speak on the phone before meeting in real life.
- Always arrange to meet in a public place that you know well in daylight. On the first meeting, never meet at his/her or your home or at quiet places.
- Before meeting up, tell your friends and make sure you can be reached by cell phone.
- Remember that you can end the meeting at any time if it does not meet your expectations.
- If you are invited to take part in a video chat, remember that everything that you do within it or show of yourself may also be recorded.

Nevertheless, If, during the meeting, something goes wrong and:

- you are harassed/feel harassed,
- you are robbed,
- you are extorted,

then we advise you to report the user in question to us and file a report with the police with the profile ID.

You can find more helpful tips from the German Federal Office for Information Security here.

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