Fakes & Spam Compliance

Fakes, spammers and fraudsters – no one likes them! You can help us keep LOVOO free from these dishonest profiles.

You can assist us by identifying the suspicious profiles and reporting them to us.

We have summarized how these profiles differ and how you can identify them quickly.

- masquerade as someone else
- are not verified
- do not want to meet in person
- try to damage the reputation of someone else
- want to exploit the community for fun

- try to entice users to another website
- try to chat outside of LOVOO (often with the justification that they can't do this on LOVOO)
- write to users with pre-prepared texts

Technical measures to prevent, identify and combat spam attacks

In general, we distinguish between different types of spam: fake profiles (profiles that do not reflect the person behind them), spam profiles (profiles that are used in order to distribute unwanted advertising for other products or platforms) and scam profiles (profiles that want to hurt other users) For the sake of simplicity, we have summarized these types of profiles under the term of "spam" in the following.

The long-term prevention of spam attacks against LOVOO is divided into a number of comprehensive stages. Our Anti-Spam Team is responsible for dependable combatting.

We put safeguards in place so that spam profiles do not pop up at LOVOO in the first place. This includes the secure transfer of data, combatting of invalid email addresses, hiding of profiles that are not fully authorized from other users as well as the regular improvement of our anti-spam technology and regulation. Nevertheless, should spam be successful in breaking through the security barriers of LOVOO, real-time and machine-learning algorithms that automatically identify unusual user behaviour at LOVOO take effect.

If a profile is classified as spam, it will be automatically blocked and must be verified. As long as a profile classified as spam has not been verified, it will be hidden by the LOVOO platform and can no longer contact other users.

Furthermore, innumerable tips from users are checked by our Customer Service Team on a daily basis in order to identify potential spam profiles. Profiles that have been registered at LOVOO for longer can also be classified as spam with newly acquired knowledge.

Should you come across a profile that you consider to be spam, use the Report function directly in the app or send an email to our customer service at support@lovoo.com. Many thanks for your support in the combatting of spam at LOVOO!

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