What is Live Video?

You wonder what LOVOO Live Video actually is? Why we added it as a new feature and how you can benefit from it? Let's bring a little light into the dark: Live Video is simply a new way to present yourself and interact with other users. True to our motto "Play it real" LOVOO Live gives you a more realistic feeling of getting to know each other. Whether you make a Live Video of yourself or watch streams from other users - it opens up a new, exciting theme world. From love, (ex) relationships, dating successes and fails to dress codes and looks on the first date, etc. Give or get info on the topics that move you and receive direct feedback.

Integrating Live Video into a dating app is an innovation based on the needs of our users. And what needs are these? Of course - to get a better picture of the other person - not only based on chat or profile photos. You want to know what the other person looks like in real life? How does the voice sound? Facial expressions, gestures etc.? These are all dimensions that can hardly be captured in one medium - but in LOVOO Live it’s possible.

Try it! Only touching would be nicer. ;)

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