What can I do within a Live Video?

If you are watching another user's Live Video, you can award applause and gifts in the form of diamonds. That's how you draw attention to yourself and show that you like the content of the video. Furthermore, presents make streamers feel confident about what they are doing and that way they will go live again in the future. If you like a video a lot, you can mark the user as a favorite. Just click on the star next to the profile name. Videos of this user now appear automatically in the "Favorites" tab as soon as you open LOVOO Live.

You can also leave comments in the live stream of a user or you can join in. However, the streaming user needs to agree first, before you can appear as a visitor in the current video.

If you're making a Live Video yourself, make sure you interact with your viewers. For example, by giving feedback to their comments, inviting them to your stream, or answering questions.

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