Corona and Dating – What Should I Keep in Mind?

The coronavirus is currently the word on everyone’s lips and we would like to brief you once again to make sure that everyone remains chipper and healthy.

You don’t need to stop matching or flirting, but there are some measures that we highly recommend you take and these are in line the standards of the WHO (the World Health Organization).

Make sure coronavirus doesn’t stand a chance! How to avoid infection:

  • Wash your hands!
    Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Sing Happy Birthday twice or simply make up your own song while you do it. With Wash Your Lyrics, you can create your own infographic with instructions for hand washing and your favorite song. 

How it works with Britney:

  • Don’t touch your face (it is important to keep your fingers away from your eyes, mouth and nose) and avoid direct contact with elevator buttons, door handles of public buildings, escalators and so on. 
  • Pack your hand sanitizer if you have some and disinfect your hands from time to time. 
  • Avoid crowds, direct physical contact and keep a distance of 1 meter. Shaking hand is off the table for the time being.


But what about my date?

Even if you were really looking forward to it, it is best to postpone if you feel unwell. Not just for your sake, but also for the sake of others who you might put at risk.

But you don’t have to stop dating!

Simply date on Live! Date safely and soundly online with next|date

Those who want or need to take it easy don’t need to miss out on dates! The next|date feature allows you to date conveniently and prevents you from infecting others or becoming infected.

Simply go to the “Date” category in LOVOO Live and date in the stream. If you come across someone you like and you have flirted with one another for a few minutes, you could match with one another and enjoy a date alone in the video chat.

So, my dears, stay healthy, keep calm and don’t stop flirting.

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