• What is Live Video?

    You wonder what LOVOO Live Video actually is? Why we added it as a new feature and how you can benefit from it? Let's bring a little light into the dark: Live Video is simply a new way to present yourself and interact with other users. True to our motto "Play it real" LOVOO Live gives you a more realistic feeling of getting to know each other. Whether you make a Live Video of yourself or watch streams from other users - it opens up a new, exciting theme world. From love, (ex) relationships, dating successes and fails to dress codes and looks on the first date, etc. Give or get info on the topics that move you and receive direct feedback.

    Integrating Live Video into a dating app is an innovation based on the needs of our users. And what needs are these? Of course - to get a better picture of the other person - not only based on chat or profile photos. You want to know what the other person looks like in real life? How does the voice sound? Facial expressions, gestures etc.? These are all dimensions that can hardly be captured in one medium - but in LOVOO Live it’s possible.

    Try it! Only touching would be nicer. ;)

  • Where can I find Live Videos?

    Within the LOVOO app, click on "Live" in the lower menu bar. Now you can open a Live Video from one of the tabs "Trending", "Nearby" or "Favorites" or start your own Live Video.

    On "Trending" you'll find the most popular Live Videos available in that moment. As the name of the tab "Nearby" suggests, you will be shown Live Videos of the users who are currently in your area. The further you scroll down, the farther away are the users. Under "Favorites" you will find the users you have selected as favorites during a stream. You recognize them by the red star next to the profile name.

  • Which rules apply for Live Videos?

    LOVOO is the perfect app for those who enjoy getting to know each other. With a few simple rules, we want to enable you to express your personality freely and creatively while creating a safe and respectful atmosphere. That goes for all our features - also for LOVOO Live.

    The most important thing in advance: A good Live Video is characterised by the fact that you actually see the streamer. In other words, the face has to be clearly visible at all times. Streaming with a mask or showing a black screen, the ceiling, etc. is neither desired nor allowed.

    The following does not belong on LOVOO and not in Live Videos:

    • Pornographic content and violence

    Videos that suggest or show nudity, sexual and / or pornographic acts, and violence are not allowed in LOVOO Live. This also applies for erotic poses or activities in underwear.

    • Nudity or sexual intimations that affect minors

    Videos that include nudity or sexual acts by / with minors are prohibited in LOVOO Live - even if you are a minor yourself!

    • Violation of privacy

    Don’t show other people in your Live Video without their consent. Also, please be careful not to violate the privacy of others. Make sure that your Live Video only shows what actually wants to be shown by the owner.

    • Threats

    Never threaten other users. There is no room for intimidation and blackmail on LOVOO. Such actions are punished by us accordingly.

    • Harassment, bullying and spam

    Avoid anything that intentionally injures or harasses other people. If someone is not interested, we ask you to respect this. To misuse a LOVOO profile for commercial purposes, for example, to draw attention to other websites or services is also not allowed.

    • Fakes

    We want our app to be as transparent as possible. That's why you need a profile picture on LOVOO that clearly shows you. Please do not upload any pictures of other persons, celebrities or organisations as a profile picture.

    • Safety first

    To stream while you are driving or operating a machine can be dangerous for you and others, which is why it is forbidden.

    • Drugs and alcohol

    The use of drugs is strictly prohibited! Depending on the country your are currently streaming from, certain youth protection rules apply and need to be respected. Please note that we do not tolerate excessive alcohol consumption. In other words, boozing and drinking games are prohibited in the stream!

    • Contests and competitions

    You must be at least 18 years old and live legally in the European Union. You may not make any gifts to yourself - through any account you control directly or indirectly. We may require potential winners to prove their eligibility to participate within seven days of our request. If you are not authorised or unable to provide the requested information and if the content of your stream does not comply with our guidelines, we reserve the right to exclude you from the contest.

    Important: Not complying with the above rules may result in deletion of unauthorized content and / or account suspension. Depending on the severity of the violation, the suspension may be temporary or permanent.

    Please take these rules seriously - they are not intended as a restriction, but as protection. In the event of a breach of the rules, we react as we see fit, so that LOVOO remains safe and positive for all users.

    If you perceive the violation of these rules by another user, please inform us immediately. If you feel bothered by a user, you can block them at any time.

How does LOVOO Live work?

  • How can I start/stop a Live Video?

    Click on "Live" in the lower menu bar of the app to get to the Live Video section. Now click on the camera icon or on "Start your live video". Do not panic, this will not start your video right away. It opens up the user interface and you can check again if everything is in the right light, if the camera perspective fits, if you are easily recognizable, etc. If you have prepared everything and want to go live, click on "Start your Live Video!" at the bottom of the screen. It will not be long before you have the first visitors.

    To end a Live Video, click on the "X" in the upper right corner. In the next window you can confirm or stop the stream termination.

  • What can I do within a Live Video?

    If you are watching another user's Live Video, you can award applause and gifts in the form of diamonds. That's how you draw attention to yourself and show that you like the content of the video. Furthermore, presents make streamers feel confident about what they are doing and that way they will go live again in the future. If you like a video a lot, you can mark the user as a favorite. Just click on the star next to the profile name. Videos of this user now appear automatically in the "Favorites" tab as soon as you open LOVOO Live.

    You can also leave comments in the live stream of a user or you can join in. However, the streaming user needs to agree first, before you can appear as a visitor in the current video.

    If you're making a Live Video yourself, make sure you interact with your viewers. For example, by giving feedback to their comments, inviting them to your stream, or answering questions.

  • Where does my Live Video appear?

    If your Live Video is currently very popular and you have many viewers, then other users find it in the "Trending" tab. Users who are in your area will see your video in the "Nearby" list. If a user has tagged you as a favorite, your video will appear in the “Favorites” view.

    As long as a user is streaming, the Live Video can be opened or left as often as you like. After ending a live video, it is no longer available and will not be stored.

  • Who can see my Live Video?

    The moment you start your Live Video, it will be visible to all users opening it. If a user opens your profile, the banner "is currently live" will appear there.

  • Where can I see if a user is currently streaming?

    If a user is currently making a Live Video, they will be displayed in one of the "Live" tabs in the bottom menu bar of the app. If you open a profile from the chat or the match game, you will see the banner "is currently live" in the profile.

  • How do I report / block a live video?

    If you think that a user does not adhere to our guidelines in a live video, then click on the profile photo in the top left corner of the video. In the window that opens, you can now click on the "Report" button. We will receive your message immediately and take appropriate action.

    If you want to completely block a user, click on the profile photo in the top left corner of the live video. In the opening window you can now right click on the three points and there confirm the blocking of the user. You no longer see the live videos of this user in your lists, and vice versa, he / she will no longer see yours.

FAQ - Taxes

  • Do I need to pay tax on my diamonds?

    First off, you are responsible for the taxation of the diamonds you receive on our platform.
    LOVOO cannot and must not assess whether diamonds are considered taxable income for
    you or not.

    However, if you regularly receive diamonds on our platform, it is arguable that you need to
    report this to the Tax Office, but only a tax consultant can provide you with precise and
    binding information. Please note that our Customer Service team and Talent Management
    team cannot and must not provide information on tax legislation.

    US Residents can read more about taxes here.

  • Why should I declare my income?

    Declaring your income to the Tax Office and paying the taxes that may arise will mainly help
    to protect you.

    You owe taxes depending on whether you are registered with the Tax Office and state your
    income on your tax return or not. On the contrary, if you fail to do so, this may amount to a
    tax offence and result in penalties on the taxes owed. Taxes can even be imposed 10 years
    down the line.

  • What initial steps should I take if I earn money from streaming?

    If you think that you are liable to taxation on the basis of your income, you should contact
    either a tax consultant or a business incubator in your city. You can also find some
    information online.

    Generally speaking, it is better to deal with the matter sooner rather than later.

  • What are the advantages of registering as a contractor?

    The fact that you need to pay tax on your income may be annoying at first, but:

    • You are complying with the law and do not need to worry about fines and penalties.
    • You can deduct expenses that arise in connection with your streams, e.g. your new iPhone and entertainment expenses, as operating expenses. These expenses are offset against your income and reduce your net profit. This means that you need to pay less taxes. You only need to pay taxes on your profit, i.e. income, minus your operatingexpenses.

    Note: Set aside evidence, such as sales receipts.

    • Many professional providers, such as equipment sellers and advertising agencies, only work with verifiable professionals and registered contractors or offer lower prices.
    • You can apply for subsidies or start-up grants on the basis of enhancing the quality of your work.

Useful tips

  • How can I make the most of my Live Video?

    True to the motto "Anticipation is the greatest joy" it always makes sense to let your visitors know in advance that you will go live again. Maybe you even want to reserve a fixed time for it? You'll get even more viewers the more people know that you'll be streaming again soon.

    Success with LOVOO Live is guaranteed when you are streaming for a long time and respond to your viewers' comments and questions. And of course, by being creative with the content of your Live Video. Think about cool topics, ask your viewers, for example, what they would like to see or hear next time.

    Try to avoid glitches by preparing a few things before starting your Live Video. Make sure you have a stable internet connection, appropriate light, no distractions in the background etc.

    Please also pay attention to your own safety when recording a Live Video. When driving a car, for example, you should better keep your hands off the phone.

  • How do I best react to comments?

    As you stream, you can respond to questions or comments directly in the chat window or comment on them verbally. It is up to you. However, you can ignore any inappropriate comments or report/block the user and thus exclude them from your Live Video.

  • Privacy

    Once a Live Video has been started, everything that happens in front of the camera is visible for the audience. Please always be aware of that. In the best case, you prepare your Live Video in a way that there is nothing in the background that should not be there.