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  • What is the Date Map?

    Looking for a good location for a first date? Movie theater, café, or a bar? Sometimes it's not easy to find a suitable location nearby.

    With the Date Map, we guide you to your offline meeting and make it easier for you to plan your dates!


    This is how the Date Map works:

    Click on the Near you tab and search for suitable dating spots near you.

    Click on a dating spot to get more detailed information about it. You can also read reviews and view offers, opening hours and how to contact the location.

    Have you decided on a spot for your first date and already know which match you want to meet there? If so, you can share the location with a match and arrange a date in real life.

    In the chat area, you can keep track of whether you have shared dating spots with matches or whether places have already been shared with you. In addition, dating tips, special deals and much more await to make your dates even more exciting.

    Let the Date Map be your personal guide for meetings with matches!

  • What is the Near you list?

    Imagine you're walking through the city and wish you had someone to spend your day with. So you take a look at the Near you list to discover who's currently near you and might be interested in meeting up for a cup of coffee.


    Just like in Match, the Near you list displays members who match your search parameters, and whose search settings also match your profile. Members are displayed in a list and sorted according to their distance to your current location. You can visit the profiles of the people displayed in the list, like their profile, or send them an icebreaker to get in touch with them directly.


    You can find the Near you list by tapping on the Near you tab (circle symbol in the bottom left corner). The Date Map opens and a section of the Near you list appears at the bottom of the screen. Swipe up on the Near you list using one finger to open it. The further you scroll down the list, the farther away the profiles displayed are from your current location.

  • What is the Heat Map?

    Imagine, for example, that you are walking through the city, in the mood for company, and eager to know who is nearby and might want to meet up for a coffee.

    That's where the Heat Map comes in.

    The Heat Map is an extension to the Date Map that enhances your dating experience by letting you discover not only dating spots, but also interesting people in your immediate vicinity.


    This is how the Heat Map works:

    Click on the Near you tab. You will find both the Heat Map and dating spots here.

    LOVOO members near your location are indicated in color on the Heat Map. The more there are, the more colors there are and the warmer the hue becomes.
    If you now tap on a colored area, you can see how many people are in the area and discover their profiles.

    Has someone piqued your interest? Then make the first move by sending an icebreaker, for example. In addition, our Date Map may even show you a cozy café nearby where you could meet up for a date.

    Sounds pretty cool, right? Try out this new feature now!