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  • Download the app

    Want to download the LOVOO app?

    1) Open the respective app store (App Store / GooglePlay Store).
    2) Enter "LOVOO" in the search field.
    3) Download the LOVOO app.

    You can now get started straight away and create a profile.


    Note: Your smartphone must meet some minimum requirements for you to use LOVOO as an app.

    ForAndroid devices, operating system 4.2 is required as a minimum.
    Please note that Amazon Fire Phones, routed devices and custom ROMs are not supported.

    For all iOS devices, operating system iOS 9.0 is required as a minimum. In addition, iPhone users must use an iPhone 5 as a minimum.

    The LOVOO app is currently not available for Windows phones.

    Should issues arise during installation, please try to update your operating system.

    Should you not be able to download the latest operating system or not have the required smartphone, you can alternatively use LOVOO on our website

  • Registration

    All that is left to do is to register, and then you can get going.

    Want to use LOVOO as an app for iOS or Android?

    1) Open the LOVOO app and select the "Register" button.
    2) Then you can decide whether you want to register with a valid email address or with your Facebook account. All Android users can also register with a Google+ account.
    3) In the next step, specify your desired username, birthday and gender and upload a photo of yourself in which you are easily recognisable.
    4) Then click on "Register".

    Want to use LOVOO via the website?

    1) Go to A registration window will appear on the start page.
    2) Specify your desired username, city, date of birth and gender here and then click on "Register now".
    3) You can now register with a valid email address or with your Facebook account.

    Do you want to register with your email address? Enter it and create a password. Then click on "Register for free".

    Do you want to register with your Facebook account? Then click on "Register with Facebook now" and confirm receipt.

  • Verification of the email address

    Once you have successfully created your profile, complete the registration process by verifying your email adress.

    We will automatically send a verification email to the email specified by you. Please click on the included link to complete the process.

    If you have not received an email, you can do the following:

    1) First, check the spam folder of your inbox for the verification email.
    2) You can request another verification email in "Settings", "My account", "Edit email address".

    Should issues arise when verifying with your smartphone, open the link in the browser on your PC or Mac.

  • Image upload

    Don't believe in love at first sight? It is the first thing that other users see of you, whether in the live radar or in the Match game.

    So select a photo in which your face is easily recognizable. If your image is rejected by us, please refer to our guidelines. They describe in detail what you must bear in mind when selecting a profile picture.

    How to upload a profile pricture:

    Once you have done that, we recommend uploading a few photos. You can select any kind of photos that represent your personality and interests for this:

  • Verification

    Not into fake profiles? Neither are we... The authenticity of profiles is very important to us and other users. Verify your identity with our "Verified" seal so that you have full use of all the basic functions and score as many of your potential dream partners as possible.

    Conditions for verification:

    - Verification of the email address
    - At least one profile picture in your gallery in which your face is easily recognisable

    How to verify your profile:

    1) Switch to the "Your profile" view.
    2) Click on "Verify profile" below your profile picture (app) or to the right of your profile picture (website.
    3) Follow the instructions.
    4) Please note: Your face and the paper with your username and the displayed code must be easily recognisable in the picture.

    We will match it with your profile pictures as soon as we have received the photo from you. Once this has been done, the process is complete and your profile will receive the "Verified" seal.

  • Profile details

    In addition to a profile picture, some information about you is one of the key elements of a complete profile. Why? The more you tell other users about yourself, the easier it is for them to get to know you better.

    How to edit your profile details in the app:

    1) Switch to the "Your profile" view and then select "Details".
    2) Then make the desired changes to your profile details or the "About me" information.

    To change other details such as your profile name or date of birth, go to the app settings and select "My account".

    How to edit your profile details on the website:

    1) Switch to the "Your profile" view.
    2) Click on the pencil icon by your username and age.
    3) Don't forget to save the respective change separately once you have made the desired adaptations.

    To change other details such as your profile name or date of birth, go to "Settings". Then select the "My account" tab and click on the pencil icon by "Profile details" to make the changes.

  • Search settings

    The automatic selection of the profiles shown to you in the Match game and in the live radar are based on the information you have specified in your search filter. Then there are the regional restrictions and the number of profiles existing in your area.

  • Your first chat conversation

    LOVOO opens up a whole range of possibilities for getting to know new people.

    Each time you come across an interesting person, all you have to do is pull up their profile. Hence, you are always just one click away from directly starting a conversation with him or her.

    The Match game offers another possibility. You can rate other users in it. We will let them know that you are interested and they will have the option of having a look at your profile. If you are both interested, either of you can start a chat conversation.

    Here we explain how you can use the Icebreaker.