• Likes

    A Match vote is the easiest way to say "I like you" on LOVOO>

    Want to see who likes you? Simply tap on the bell symbol in the LOVOO app or click on it on the website and then select "Likes".

    Are your likes blurred? Activate them with your credits or use the benefits of VIP membership to see all the likes you have received directly.

  • Views

    In order to see who has viewed your profile, simply select the "bell" symbol in your LOVOO app and tap on "Views". On the website, simply click on "Your profile" in the upper bar and then right on "Visitors".

    Are the profiles blurred? Use your credits to reveal them or start a VIP membership to see all your profile visitors automatically.

    Tip: It is worthwhile writing to profile visitors. They have looked at your profile in detail, but perhaps they don't dare to send you a message. Be daring and take the first step!

  • Notifications

    Want to know who is interested in you and is on the go? Then check your notifications. You can find them by clicking on the bell symbol.