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  • Photos in your gallery

    A well-stocked gallery will help you a lot. The more you reveal about yourself and your personality, the better chances you will have of matches. (Having 3 photos in your gallery will increase your chances of matches by 29% to be exact.) We tell you in our blog what is important when it comes to your photos and what our female users like (and what they don’t like).

    How to manage your photos in your LOVOO profile:

    • You can upload, delete, and rearrange photos in your profile under “Photos”.

    • You can upload as many new pictures as you like by clicking on the camera symbol.

    • You can delete pictures by opening the photo, clicking on the symbol at the top right, and then confirming that you wish to delete.

    Tip: Keep your gallery up to date and varied. Reveal something about yourself and your life. This not only stimulates curiosity, it also makes it easier for others to write to you.

    Yes, there are also guidelines for photos.

    The following has no place in your gallery:
    Weapons, violence, banned symbols, drugs, advertising, children, naked people, genitalia, pornographic content.

  • Profile pictures

    You can manage your profile pictures in your profile by tapping on your current profile picture (iOS) or on the camera symbol (Android).

    Tap on the camera symbol to add new pictures.

    To remove a profile picture, simply upload a new one. This will automatically replace the old one.

    Please bear in mind our guidelines for profile pictures:

    • Your face must be easily recognizable.
    • The following is not permitted: Children, weapons, violence, banned symbols, drugs, advertising, naked people, genitalia, pornographic content.

    Need some inspiration for a perfect profile picture? Take a look at here.