• Premium hasn’t been activated yet

    After a successful Premium purchase, your membership was not immediately visible on your profile? No reason to panic! This may be due to a delayed transmission of the purchase-relevant information. Therefore, we kindly ask you for a little patience.

    Occasionally, it is also necessary to log out and then log in again before the Premium membership is displayed correctly on your profile.

    If your Premium-status is still not visible, please contact us and describe the problem as accurately as possible. Normally, you will receive a confirmation by email after the purchase. If you cannot find it anymore, please log in to the account of your payment provider in order to see the payment record. In order to help you as quick as possible, please add a screenshot of the payment receipt to your request, and make sure it contains the following information:

    - Your email address used to register on LOVOO
    - Date of the purchase
    - Transaction number
    - The email address used to register with your payment provider if it is different from your registration address on LOVOO.

    Please note that we cannot help you without having received the information above.