• How can I become a Premium member?

    We cooperate with a number of payment providers so you can purchase your Premium membership as easily as possible.

    In the LOVOO app you can choose between the following payment providers:
    - iTunes
    - Google Play (and Google Play balance)
    - PayPal

    On the LOVOO website you can choose between the following payment providers:
    - PayPal
    - Stripe
    - Visa/Mastercard (Stripe and Paymentwall)
    - Mobile invoice (Mobiamo)
    - Instant bank transfer (Klarna and giropay)
    - paysafecard

    Usually, the aforementioned providers do not permit finalizing a subscription without your bank account or credit card being linked to the account in question. If you choose the payment option instant bank transfer, mobile invoice, paysafecard or Paymentwall you will not purchase a subscription but finalize a single purchase instead. At the moment we do not accept payments by direct debit or usual bank transfer.


    Before finalizing a payment via mobile invoice please contact your network operator to make sure this option does exist. Furthermore we recommend you to read their terms and conditions.

    Please make sure that your email address used in your payment providers account is identical to the email address used to register with LOVOO. Otherwise the payment may not be linked correctly to the target profile.

    A Premium membership is bound to the profile it has initially been activated on and cannot be transferred to another profile. Therefore, please make sure to deactivate an active subscription with your payment provider before deleting your profile on LOVOO.

    PLEASE NOTE: The deletion of a LOVOO profile does not automatically lead to the deactivation of a subscription.

  • Invitation codes

    LOVOO invitation codes are special voucher codes shaped like this: "xxx-xxxx-xxx". They are distributed as special offers and can only be redeemed within the LOVOO app.

    In order to redeem an invitation code, please open your profile settings. You will find "Redeem voucher code" at the top. Enter your personal code and click on "Check" followed by "Redeem now". Please note that it may be necessary to restart your app so that all changes may be applied correctly and all Premium features may be used.

  • Premium benefits

    As a Premium user on LOVOO, you gain a lot of advantages compared to a basic profile.

    Discover the new and exclusive features as a Premium user:

    Visualize your given Likes!

    You know the feeling? You once liked someone’s profile and later on when you wanted to contact them you couldn’t find that person anymore? These days are over! Now you can quickly find your favorites again, meaning the users you once gave a like, and you can contact them whenever you like.

    New people in sight? You write them first!

    True, as a basic member you are also able to see new users as they have a banner on their profile picture. But, only as a Premium user you can actually open these profiles and write them a message. This way, as a Premium user, you can get more chats with people nearby.


    And what else does the Premium status have offer?

    Automatic profile uncovering

    No more credits for revealing profiles. You can see right away who liked you and viewed your profile. Get more matches with people you like.

    Stand out!

    We'll make sure that your profile is viewed more often and gets more activity.

    Match without Limit

    No more daily limit while playing! As a Premium member of LOVOO, you can play as much as you want every day and give unlimited likes.

    Send three times more Icebreakers

    Contact other people without having had a previous match. Each day, there are more Icebreakers available than for basic members. Think of a cool message, break the ice and increase your chances of getting good chats!

    Hide your profile views

    You are afraid of browsing another user's profile because you don’t want them to see your profile visit? Activate "Hide profile views" and your profile visit will not be visible for the other user. Furthermore, your profile will be displayed as offline in the nearby list.


    No advertising please!

    As a Premium member you enjoy LOVOO ad-free and can concentrate on the essentials.