• How can I become a VIP?

    We work with a number of payment providers so that you can finalize your VIP membership as easily as possible.

    In the LOVOO app you can choose between the following payment providers.
    - iTunes
    - Google Play
    - PayPal

    You have the following options on the LOVOO website.
    - PayPal
    - Stripe
    - Paymentwall

    Please note that all purchases involve a subscription.

    Usually, the aforementioned providers to not permit finalizing a subscription without your bank account or credit being linked to the account in question. Thus, you cannot pay for a VIP membership with credit debited from prepaid cards.

    We currently do not offer payment via conventional wire transfer or direct debit.


    Please make sure that the email address saved with the payment provider is identical to your email address registered with LOVOO. Otherwise, issues may occur with the allocation of your payment and the intended profile.

    A VIP membership is bound to the profile with which it was activated and can therefore not be transferred to other profiles. So please do not forget to terminate a running membership with your payment provider before you delete your profile.

    NOTE Deleting a LOVOO profile does not automatically bring about the termination of an existing subscription.

    In some circumstances, there is the option of paying for LOVOO purchases by means of a cell phone bill. Subscriptions that are debited with a cell phone bill are usually linked to Google Play (we refer you to wallet.google.com for termination).

    As network operators list different terms and conditions, we kindly ask that you contact your network operator in advance to find out whether this service will be offered to you.

  • Invitation codes

    LOVOO invitation codes are special voucher codes in the form "xxx-xxxx-xxx" that can be assigned in certain special offers and only redeemed on the LOVOO app.

    Open your profile settings to redeem an invitation code. You will find the item "Redeem voucher code" at the top. Enter your personal code there and click on "Check" and then "Redeem now". Please note that it may be necessary to restart your app so that all changes can take effect correctly.

  • VIP benefits

    Taking up a VIP subscription offers you a great many benefits in comparison to a free basic profile. VIP status allows you to enjoy the following features:

    Profile highlighter
    When you activate the profile highlighter, a gold frame will appear around your profile photo. This way, you can increase your popularity and receive more messages. Naturally, you can also deactivate this feature.

    Total Match fun
    No longer a daily play limit! As a LOVOO VIP, you can play Match everyday without restriction and find more people to click with.

    Ghost mode
    Make yourself invisible! When you activate ghost mode, you will be able to browse profiles unnoticed and will not be displayed as a profile visitor.

    Free top chat
    With the top chat function, your messages always go to the top of full inboxes and will not be overlooked.

    Chat booster
    Have you used up your daily chat requests? As a VIP member you have the exclusive opportunity to buy a chat booster, with which you can send an unlimited number of requests for one day.

    Automatic profile revealing
    No more credits for the revealing of profiles! You will now immediately be able to see who visited your profile.

  • Amazon Underground

    You will not be charged for this special offer developed between LOVOO and Amazon Underground.

    The only restriction for the use of Amazon Underground VIP is that this offer can only be obtained in connection with an Android end device via the corresponding LOVOO Amazon Underground app. The VIP status is only active in the app. However, is the profile is accessed via the website, it will be shown as a normal account without VIP benefits.

    As this special form of the VIP status does not result in any costs, it does not need to be formally terminated.