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  • Purchase credits

    Is your credit account empty? No problem, you can purchase and immediately receive credits at any time.

    Our common payment providers iTunes, Google Play and PayPal are available for the payment of credits.

    You can also purchase credits using prepaid cards: all common App Stores also offer the option of adding desired credit to an account of the corresponding store with prepaid cards. In turn, purchases in the app can be effected using this credit. You can obtain the necessary prepaid cards in different shops of the retail section (e.g. REWE, Lidl, Müller, etc. ).

  • Free credits

    There is the option to download different apps to receive free credits. You can choose from two different offers:

    - Apps of the provider Supersonic Ads
    - Apps directly offered by LOVOO

    Every app for which you can receive free credits you can only download once. If you download the app again from the cloud, you will not receive any credits for it.

    Every app that you can download to receive free credits must be started at least once. This is the only way in which credits can be credited.

  • Earn credits

    You can earn free credits on LOVOO with various actions:

    - Email confirmation: When you confirm your email address you will receive a one-off credit amount from LOVOO.

    - Verification: You will receive a credit amount following the initial successful verification of your account. Please note that in the event of subsequent cancelation of your verification status and the resultant repeat verification, there will be no renewed payout of the credits.

    - Connect your account to Facebook: Once you have connected your LOVOO account to your Facebook account, we will credit you 25 credits.

    - Facebook invitation: In the app there is the possibility of inviting friends on Facebook to create a profile on LOVOO in the provided option. As a thank you, you will receive 100 credits for every friend that signs up. However, it is very important that your invited friend registers a new account on LOVOO. Furthermore, it is equally important that he or she does this following your specific invitation and not simply from the App Store. Otherwise, an allocation of the corresponding events is not possible and credits cannot be credited.

    You can learn more about more opportunities to get credits for free in the free credits section.