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  • Why am I being shown in the wrong location?

    Do you want your current location to be visible so you can see members in your area? All it takes is three steps:

    1. Enable location tracking in your smartphone's general settings (where you can also enable and disable mobile data or Wi-Fi).

    2. Allow LOVOO to access your current location in your smartphone settings. How it works:

      • Go to "Settings" (cog symbol) in your smartphone.
      • Search for "LOVOO" in your apps (or in "Apps/Authorizations" on Android devices).
      • Authorize LOVOO to use the location while you're using the app.

    3. In the app, authorize LOVOO to access your current location. How it works...

      • Start by going to "News" (bell symbol in the bottom right corner)
      • Then open your profile (person symbol in the top left corner).
      • Click on Settings (cog symbol in the top right corner).
      • Then go to "Privacy settings".
      • Use the slider under "Location tracking".
      • Exit the menu using the arrow (top left corner) to save the setting.

    Once you have completed the three steps, log out of the LOVOO app and log back in to apply the settings.

    If your current location is still not displayed correctly, then your current location is not saved in the GPS module of your smartphone. In this occurs, we recommend that you restart your smartphone. Then go to Google Maps and display your current location on the map. This will save your current location in your GPS module which can then be used by LOVOO.

  • How do I update my Android or iOS operating system?

    It is important that the operating system version of your smartphone is up to date so that you can fully enjoy LOVOO with all your favourite features. Wondering what that means for you? We explain it in the following.

    As an Android user, the LOVOO app will continue to be supported from version 7.0 on your device. Version 6.0 or older versions will not be supported in the future. You will continue to see the LOVOO app on Google Play and can use your profile or register as a new member, but updates for our app will no longer be made available. We therefore recommend that you update your operating system.

    How to update your Android system:

    1. Open the settings on your smartphone.

    2. Tap on the system at the bottom and then on system/software update.

    3. Find out here what version you're currently using and see the status of the security update.

    4. Click on "Download and install" to install the latest version on your smartphone.


    The LOVOO app will continue to be supported from iOS 14 for iOS users. iO13 and older versions will not be supported in future. As an existing member, this means that you can continue to use the app, but updates will no longer be made available. It is no longer possible to register as a new member, as our LOVOO app is no longer available in the App Store. We therefore recommend that you update your operating system.

    How to update your iOS version:

    1. Open the settings on your smartphone.

    2. Tap on "Software update" under "General".

    3. Here you can find out what version you're using.

    4. Right at the bottom, tap on "Load and install" to carry out the update.


    We recommend that you always keep your smartphone's operating system and LOVOO version up to date and enjoy LOVOO features without any problems.

  • You can't find LOVOO on Google Play or are having trouble downloading it?

    Google Play is required to verify that our members are of legal age on the basis of legal amendments aimed at protecting young people. This is why you will not be shown any 18+ apps if your age has not been verified in your Google Account. In some cases, LOVOO will be shown but it can't be downloaded.

    How can you use LOVOO again without restrictions? All you need to do is confirm your age with an ID document or a credit card using the link in the error message.

    Alternatively, you can log in to your Google account and upload an electronic copy of a valid official identification document. It is important that your date of birth is visible on the document. You also have the option of storing a credit card as a payment method in your Google Account. An authorization for a small amount of money is displayed for a short time to check the validity of your credit card. However, the amount will not be debited.

    You can find more information in the Google Help Center.

    You will be able to use LOVOO again once you have confirmed your age. We look forward to having you on LOVOO!

  • How do I delete the cache?

    Technical errors can often be solved by deleting the cache. We have outlined below how this works in just a few steps.


    Do you use an iOS device?

    1. Log out of the app.
    2. Close LOVOO and all other applications by double-clicking on the Home button. If your iOS device does not have a Home button, swipe the display once from bottom to top. Then close the apps by swiping the windows upwards.
    3. Restart your smartphone.

    You use an Android device?

    1. Log out of the app.
    2. Go to your smartphone's settings and tap on "Device maintenance". You will find a list of installed apps under "Storage". Search for LOVOO in the list and select the options "Force stop" followed by "Empty cache" under "Memory used".
    3. Restart your smartphone.

    You use the LOVOO website?

    Click on the browser you are using for detailed instructions:

  • Why does my profile appear inactive?

    Have you not been getting any responses from your matches or new chat requests for a longer period of time than usual? If so, please contact our Customer Care Team and we will check your profile together.

    Please note that we need the email address that is linked to your LOVOO profile in order to carry out this check.

  • Why did I receive the notification 'You have been blocked from this action'?

    You'll receive this notification if your profile has been blocked and you are no longer authorized to engage in certain activities (e. g. play Match or send messages).

    There may be various reasons for this:

    • It may be the case that several members are uncomfortable with your behaviour on the app and have reported your profile because of this.
    • However, it may be down to a purely precautionary measure of our system, for example because you have accessed our server via a VPN or proxy connection, as is often done by members who want to harm our community.
    • In some cases, you will receive a system message informing you that you can unblock yourself by verifying your profile and proving that the pictures on your profile are actually of you. We ask for your understanding that this is the only way we can ensure that our platform is used exclusively by people with honest intentions.

    If you have received a message that your profile has been blocked, you can also contact our Customer Care Team at any time. We will get to the bottom of it.