• How can I make the most of my Live Video?

    True to the motto "Anticipation is the greatest joy" it always makes sense to let your visitors know in advance that you will go live again. Maybe you even want to reserve a fixed time for it? You'll get even more viewers the more people know that you'll be streaming again soon.

    Success with LOVOO Live is guaranteed when you are streaming for a long time and respond to your viewers' comments and questions. And of course, by being creative with the content of your Live Video. Think about cool topics, ask your viewers, for example, what they would like to see or hear next time.

    Try to avoid glitches by preparing a few things before starting your Live Video. Make sure you have a stable internet connection, appropriate light, no distractions in the background etc.

    Please also pay attention to your own safety when recording a Live Video. When driving a car, for example, you should better keep your hands off the phone.

  • How do I best react to comments?

    As you stream, you can respond to questions or comments directly in the chat window or comment on them verbally. It is up to you. However, you can ignore any inappropriate comments or report/block the user and thus exclude them from your Live Video.

  • Privacy

    Once a Live Video has been started, everything that happens in front of the camera is visible for the audience. Please always be aware of that. In the best case, you prepare your Live Video in a way that there is nothing in the background that should not be there.