• Community guidelines

    LOVOO is the perfect app for anyone who loves meeting new people. By setting a few ground rules, our aim is to enable you to express your personality freely and creatively, while creating a safe, respectful atmosphere at the same time.

    Do unto others...
    Do not send any messages that your chat partner would not want to read — particularly if they are insulting or pushy!

    Legal or illegal — it matters!
    Please only use LOVOO for legal purposes. Please pay attention to legislation in your country when using LOVOO.

    What does not belong on LOVOO:

    • Pornographic content and violence
      Images which suggest or show nudity, sexual, and/or pornographic acts or violence are not permitted on LOVOO.
    • Nudity or sexually suggestive content involving minors
      Never send content which contains nudity or sexual acts involving minors — not even if you yourself are a minor!
    • Violation of privacy
      Do not display any images of other persons without their consent. Please do not violate the spatial privacy of others by uploading pictures of their house, bathroom, bedroom etc.
    • Threats
      Never issue threats to other users. Intimidation and blackmail have no place on LOVOO.
    • Harassment, bullying and spam
      Refrain from doing anything that intentionally harms or harasses other people. If someone is not interested, please respect their wishes. LOVOO profiles are also not to be used for commercial purposes; i.e. to draw attention to other websites or services.
    • Fakes
      Our aim is to create a transparent app. For this reason, you require a profile picture on LOVOO in which you are clearly recognizable. Please do not upload any images of other persons, celebrities, or organizations as your profile picture.

    Violations of these rules may lead to the deletion of the forbidden content and/or to your account being suspended. Depending on the seriousness of the violation, the suspension may be temporary or permanent.

    Please take these rules seriously — they are not intended to limit your freedom, but to protect you. These rules may change in the future depending on how LOVOO develops. In the event of a rule violation, we reserve the right to respond at our own discretion to ensure that LOVOO remains a safe and pleasant experience for all users.