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  • Login options

    Start having fun right away and there’s no need to enter your email address and password every time you want to use LOVOO!

    Simply connect the app to your Facebook account and in doing so you will have created the most convenient login process.

    Note: Your Facebook friends can’t see anything about your LOVOO membership, and we will also never post on your timeline without your permission.

    To disconnect from your Facebook account, simply log in to your Facebook profile and go to “Settings” > “Apps.”

    The Apple users among you can also log in with your Apple ID.

  • Email address and password

    You can find or change the email address you used to register with LOVOO and your login password as follows:

    Using the app:

    1. Login to the LOVOO app
    2. Go to your profile on the top left
    3. Tap on the gear wheel in the top right corner
    4. Go to "My account" under app settings
      Under "Change email address" you will find your current email address, which you can view, copy or change here.
      Under "Change password" you can set a new password.

    Note: As soon as you have entered a new e-mail address, please remember to confirm it so that the changes can be applied. 


    Using the website:

    1. Log in to
    2. Go to the gear wheel in the upper right corner
    3. Select "Settings”
    4. Under "Profile Details" you can change your current email address and password by clicking on the pencil in the upper right corner.

    Note: As soon as you have entered a new e-mail address, please remember to confirm it so that the changes can be applied.

  • Delete account

    You can delete your LOVOO account in the settings under “My Account.”

    If you have not assigned a password for your LOVOO account, you can delete it by clicking on a link which will automatically be sent to your registered email address.

    It’s not working or you haven’t received an email? Then create a new password first in the settings under “Change password.” Following that, you can complete your project under “Delete account.” (And hopefully you’ll come back to us soon! 🙏)

    You just need a bit of a break?
    We are currently working on the option of pausing the account.


    • Please keep in mind that all purchased credits expire and cannot be replaced. Credits cannot be transferred to another profile or reimbursed.
    • Your subscription will not automatically end if you delete your profile.

    So please remember to cancel your subscription with your chosen payment provider.

  • How do I find a profile ID?

    In some cases it is necessary to locate the ID of your profile or another profile. At the moment, a profile ID can only be found via the LOVOO website and not in the app.


    How to find one's own profile ID?

    1. Log in to the profile at
    2. Click on the gearwheel in the top right corner and select "Settings"
    3. "Your User ID" will be displayed right at the bottom under "Profile Details"
    4. The user ID will look like this “55et343ddro2ce5d0298b2a54" and can be copied directly

    How do I find the ID of another profile?

    1. Go to and open the profile in question in a new tab:
      Either hold down "Ctrl" (Windows) or "Cmd" (MAC) and click on the profile with the mouse
      or right click on the profile and select "Open in new tab" in the menu.
    2. The profile opened in the new tab contains the profile ID in the address line of the browser.
      Note: It is important that you open the actual profile and not just a photo in the new tab.
      The correct link should appear as follows: ""
      If it looks like this, it is the incorrect link:
  • How can I find a profile again?

    Occasionally, you will not be able to access your own profile, even though you are sure that it still exists. In most cases, you will manage to find your profile again. However, we recommend that you search for your profile on the LOVOO website. Incidentally, the following procedure is the same when you are looking for someone else's profile.


    How it works:

    1. A new profile must be created first: The location must be the same as the one where the lost profile is registered.
    2. When entering your date of birth, make sure that the age you enter fits into the searched age range of the lost profile. If your lost profile indicates that you are interested in women aged 20–40, you must enter an age between 20 and 40.
    3. If the lost profile is male, you need to create a female profile indicating interest in men (and vice versa for a lost female profile).
    4. In the search settings (filter tool on the right/at the top right in the app) the age must be set so that the lost profile fits into the searched age range. For example, if the age of 20 is entered in the lost profile, the age range must be set to 18–25 years.
    5. Now you can search for the lost profile under “play/discover”. Note: In the app this can be done in Match, in the radar or in the nearby list.

    If the profile ID is also required, click here for instructions on how to locate it for instructions on how to locate it. If you only use the app, the “Report & Block” function can also be used. Here you can find instructions for this.