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  • How do I get the most out of my stream?

    True to the motto “Anticipation is the greatest joy”, it is always a good idea to give advance notice of when you are going live again. The best way to do this is to send a push notification shortly beforehand.

    The more people find out about your streams, the more viewers you will get – and the more successful your stream will be.

    Audiences love streamers who stream at fixed times. It also pays off in the long run. Streamer for a longer time and build your community by responding to comments and questions from your audience. Let your creativity flow, think of topics before the stream, and get your audience involved.

    Checklist before streaming:

    • Stable Internet connection?
    • Is the lighting OK?
    • What does the background look like? Is everything quiet and free of distraction?

    Please look out for your own safety while streaming. Streaming at the wheel is strictly prohibited.

    Dreaming of a career as a top streamer? You can find out more about this in our blog.

  • How do I respond to comments?

    Whatever you like. Either read the comments or questions out loud and answer them directly. Or respond in the chat window.

    Is someone acting inappropriately or disrespectfully? Report the person to remove them from your stream. If you have a large audience, you will find the moderator feature useful.

  • Live streams and privacy

    Once you start streaming, everything that happens in front of the camera can be seen live by the audience. Please keep this in mind at all times. The best way is to set up your stream so that there is nothing and nobody in the background that should not or does not want to appear here.