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  • What is the Blind Date Feature?

    After next|date now comes the Blind Date feature - and it keeps its promise!

    If you haven't dared to play next|date yet or to take people into your side in general, the Blind Date feature is perfect for you! All people who join are initially pixelated and unrecognizable. Gradually the image becomes clearer and the person more recognizable. 

    So at first only voice, humor and personality count. If you are convinced and want to get to know the person better, you tap on the heart symbol and trigger a match. Then the picture immediately comes into focus and you see your blind date for the first time. 

    How the Blind Date feature works

    You simply start a stream, click on the heart symbol in the lower area and activate the Blind Date feature. You can decide for yourself whether your blind dates should be your age and/or from your area. Furthermore, you can decide in advance about the duration of a date. Then just press save and off you go with exciting blind dates.

  • next|date – speed dating with a twist

    Our LOVOO Live feature next|date is not only entertaining, it also enables you to meet different people in a short amount of time.

    How to get your date:

    1. Open the app and go to the Live section.
    2. Start a stream, tap the heart symbol at the bottom left and start your date.
    3. Your viewers now have the opportunity to date you by entering your side stream.
    4. Do you like the person? The tap on the heart and you’ll make a match! Prefer to move on to the next date? Then end the date by tapping on the X symbol to move on to the next.
    5. After 1:30 minutes of dating, you can switch to a private chat and get to know one another without interruption. To do this, simply close the stream and meet up in the video chat.

    We wish you a happy ending!

  • Action in the LOVOO Live battles

    How do the battles work?

    You compete against another streamer (randomly selected for you by us or chosen by yourself). The person who receives the most diamonds win.

    Live battles: Step by step.

    • Start a stream and click on the VS button for the battles.
    • You don’t mind who you defeat? Then click on “Battle now,” choose a topic, and we will set you up with an opponent.
    • Have you arranged a battle or do you want to challenge a specific person? This only works with your favourite streamers. You must follow each other.
    • The person who initiates the battle chooses the topic. The following hashtags can be selected: #letsdance #messingaround #battledeclaration #pushit #random

    So if you want to show your viewers that you’ve been paying attention during Waltz classes, mastered flossing or are the new Evolution of Dance master, select #letsdance to get started.

    Be creative, surprise your audience, and perhaps you’ll win the most diamonds and win the battle.

    Prefer to sit back and be entertained?

    No problem at all! Sit back, enjoy the show, get involved in the excitement, and help your favourite win with gifts.

    Let the games begin!