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  • Free credits not received

    There are several reasons why you may not have been credited with free credits after downloading and opening an app.

    The provider of the free credits, not LOVOO, is responsible for checking that the requirements have been met and for activating the credits.

    We kindly ask for your patience, as many providers of free credits only distribute their offers at fairly large intervals (sometimes up to 4 weeks). Sometimes it takes some time to check that all requirements have been met.

    Here are some important points to remember to ensure a smooth process:

    1. Make sure that you have not used the presented offer before, either with us or on other apps.
    1. You should not use a proxy server. Unless you use an extra proxy app on your mobile phone, this is not possible for mobile networks.
    1. The process must be completed in one go without any interruptions.
    1. Some offers (e.g. Lottoland) are checked manually, which means that the credit payout may take some time. If incorrect data have been provided, it cannot be paid out.
  • Suddenly subscribed?

    If you feel that you have walked into a subscription trap by downloading an app, i.e. you have unintentionally taken out a subscription, please contact us immediately.

    In your email, please describe exactly when you downloaded this app, which app it is, and what exactly happened after you downloaded it.

    Please send us a screenshot as an attachment which clearly shows how much money was debited from your account without your consent.