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  • What is Match?

    Are you in the mood for exciting flirts, fun dates, unexpected friendships, or the love of your life? Match gives you the opportunity to meet great people while in your sweatpants from the comfort of your couch, on the way to work, or wherever you happen to be.

    If someone catches your eye, give them a like by swiping right or clicking on the heart icon. If the person in question feels the same way and also gives you a like, a match is created. Now you can start getting to know each other right away. Exciting!

    A little hint: Your matches will be displayed under "Chats" in the "New matches" list.

    Not interested? Then swipe left. But always bear in mind: Our users are more than just a profile picture. Do take a second glance and read the user's answers to the profile questions before swiping.

    Once you have gone through all the profiles in your area in Match, your radius will automatically be expanded. Sometimes, you might find that one special person beyond your usual boundaries.


  • How do I repeat a match?

    Left = hmm, not quite, Right = looks interesting, Right = this person too, Left = don't think so... – whoops, that person was actually quite cool!

    Was your thumb a little too fast? Don't fret, as a Premium member you can undo an unlimited number of swipes.

    However, you can only undo the last swipe, i.e. go back to the last profile you saw.

    How to undo a swipe:

    Whether it's a like or a swipe to the left, you can always undo decisions with the circular arrow symbol at the top right. With a single click, you can view the previous profile again and give them a second glance.




  • How can I delete matches?

    You no longer wish to have contact with a person you previously matched with? If so, you can delete the match. Please note: This cannot be undone, and contact between you and the other party will no longer be possible on LOVOO.


    In the LOVOO app, you can delete a match by tapping on the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the chat window and then selecting "Delete match". If you confirm this step, the chat will disappear for both of you, and you will no longer be able to find each other in the app or communicate with each other.

    On the LOVOO website, you can delete a match by clicking on the small gray gear wheel in the chat and then confirming with "Block".

  • Why are my matches so far away?

    Once you have gone through all the profiles in your area in Match, your radius will automatically be expanded. Maybe that one special person lives a little further away and it's worth taking a look outside your familiar surroundings.

    Otherwise, you also have the option of finding people outside Match, such as browsing people near you in the Near you list. You could also modify your search settings a little, for example by selecting a slightly higher or lower age. This allows you to discover new people in different ways.

  • Surprise of the day

    Get a new surprise each day and enjoy a fantastic gift after 7 days — one day of Premium, credits or icebreakers for free! Our feature "Surprise of the Day" awaits you in Match. Simply swipe right and get one of three gift boxes.

    Do you want more? Then get a second surprise by watching a video.