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  • How can I see the likes that I have given?

    As a Premium member, you will see a list of all the likes you have given. This gives you the option of looking at a profile that you have given a like at a later date.

    You can find the list as quickly as you can give likes. Open your profile (human symbol in the top left corner), then scroll all the way down and tap on "Your given likes".

    If you can't see the list, you can take out a Premium subscription to enjoy this benefit and many others.

  • What are likes?

    You discovered someone and want to tell them "I like you"? Then swipe right and give a like.

    If you want to see who likes you, then you can easily take a look. Go to "News" in the app or on the website (bell symbol in the right corner).

    Likes are blurred? You can unlock these with credits. Premium allows you to discover them straight away.

    If you use Premium, you can find an overview of the likes you've given in the profile view.

  • What are views?

    Do you want to find out who has checked out your profile? Then simply check out the likes under "News" (bell symbol in the bottom right corner).

    Everything blurred again? Then get a clear view with LOVOO Premium. Alternatively, you can unlock your profile visits/views with credits.

    Here's a hint: Have you come across someone among your profile interest who has piqued your interest? Then send them an icebreaker. It may well be that they were just too shy to do it themselves. Make the first move and see what happens!

  • You can I manage my notifications?

    We would love to keep you up to date with your matches, flirts and icebreakers, as well as special promotions in the app. This is why we send updates directly to your smartphone.

    Do you want to activate or pause notifications? The change is really simple. Open your profile (person symbol in the top left corner) and then the settings (cog symbol in the top right corner). You can manage your notifications in "Settings" in the app. For example, you can turn off notifications that do not interest you and leave other notifications activated that you do want to receive. It is up to you which notifications you receive.
    You can also give or withdraw permission for LOVOO to send you notifications in your smartphone settings. Check your smartphone settings if you're not receiving any notifications.