• Corona and Dating – What Should I Keep in Mind?

    The coronavirus is currently the word on everyone’s lips and we would like to brief you once again to make sure that everyone remains chipper and healthy.

    You don’t need to stop matching or flirting, but there are some measures that we highly recommend you take and these are in line the standards of the WHO (the World Health Organization).

    Make sure coronavirus doesn’t stand a chance! How to avoid infection:

    • Wash your hands!
      Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Sing Happy Birthday twice or simply make up your own song while you do it. With Wash Your Lyrics, you can create your own infographic with instructions for hand washing and your favorite song. 

    How it works with Britney:

    • Don’t touch your face (it is important to keep your fingers away from your eyes, mouth and nose) and avoid direct contact with elevator buttons, door handles of public buildings, escalators and so on. 
    • Pack your hand sanitizer if you have some and disinfect your hands from time to time. 
    • Avoid crowds, direct physical contact and keep a distance of 1 meter. Shaking hand is off the table for the time being.


    But what about my date?

    Even if you were really looking forward to it, it is best to postpone if you feel unwell. Not just for your sake, but also for the sake of others who you might put at risk.

    But you don’t have to stop dating!

    Simply date on Live! Date safely and soundly online with next|date

    Those who want or need to take it easy don’t need to miss out on dates! The next|date feature allows you to date conveniently and prevents you from infecting others or becoming infected.

    Simply go to the “Date” category in LOVOO Live and date in the stream. If you come across someone you like and you have flirted with one another for a few minutes, you could match with one another and enjoy a date alone in the video chat.

    So, my dears, stay healthy, keep calm and don’t stop flirting.

  • Community guidelines

    LOVOO is the perfect app for anyone who loves meeting new people. By setting a few ground rules, our aim is to enable you to express your personality freely and creatively, while creating a safe, respectful atmosphere at the same time.

    Do unto others...
    Do not send any messages that your chat partner would not want to read — particularly if they are insulting or pushy!

    Legal or illegal — it matters!
    Please only use LOVOO for legal purposes. Please pay attention to legislation in your country when using LOVOO.

    What does not belong on LOVOO:

    • Pornographic content and violence
      Images which suggest or show nudity, sexual, and/or pornographic acts or violence are not permitted on LOVOO.
    • Nudity or sexually suggestive content involving minors
      Never send content which contains nudity or sexual acts involving minors — not even if you yourself are a minor!
    • Violation of privacy
      Do not display any images of other persons without their consent. Please do not violate the spatial privacy of others by uploading pictures of their house, bathroom, bedroom etc.
    • Threats
      Never issue threats to other users. Intimidation and blackmail have no place on LOVOO.
    • Harassment, bullying and spam
      Refrain from doing anything that intentionally harms or harasses other people. If someone is not interested, please respect their wishes. LOVOO profiles are also not to be used for commercial purposes; i.e. to draw attention to other websites or services.
    • Fakes
      Our aim is to create a transparent app. For this reason, you require a profile picture on LOVOO in which you are clearly recognizable. Please do not upload any images of other persons, celebrities, or organizations as your profile picture.

    Violations of these rules may lead to the deletion of the forbidden content and/or to your account being suspended. Depending on the seriousness of the violation, the suspension may be temporary or permanent.

    Please take these rules seriously — they are not intended to limit your freedom, but to protect you. These rules may change in the future depending on how LOVOO develops. In the event of a rule violation, we reserve the right to respond at our own discretion to ensure that LOVOO remains a safe and pleasant experience for all users.

  • Report a profile

    Sometimes misunderstandings or conflicts between users can occur. In urgent cases, we will step in with appropriate action. There is the "Report" function for these cases.

    If you come across profiles which:
    - violate our guidelines
    - harass you and/or other users
    - have advertising for third parties or promise services
    - could belong to minors who are registered as adults or vice versa

    then please report them to us. To do this, go to the profile in question, click on the option symbol in the profile and select the reason.

  • Fakes & Spam Compliance

    Fakes, spammers and fraudsters – no one likes them! You can help us keep LOVOO free from these dishonest profiles.

    You can assist us by identifying the suspicious profiles and reporting them to us.

    We have summarized how these profiles differ and how you can identify them quickly.

    - masquerade as someone else
    - are not verified
    - do not want to meet in person
    - try to damage the reputation of someone else
    - want to exploit the community for fun

    - try to entice users to another website
    - try to chat outside of LOVOO (often with the justification that they can't do this on LOVOO)
    - write to users with pre-prepared texts

    Technical measures to prevent, identify and combat spam attacks

    In general, we distinguish between different types of spam: fake profiles (profiles that do not reflect the person behind them), spam profiles (profiles that are used in order to distribute unwanted advertising for other products or platforms) and scam profiles (profiles that want to hurt other users) For the sake of simplicity, we have summarized these types of profiles under the term of "spam" in the following.

    The long-term prevention of spam attacks against LOVOO is divided into a number of comprehensive stages. Our Anti-Spam Team is responsible for dependable combatting.

    We put safeguards in place so that spam profiles do not pop up at LOVOO in the first place. This includes the secure transfer of data, combatting of invalid email addresses, hiding of profiles that are not fully authorized from other users as well as the regular improvement of our anti-spam technology and regulation. Nevertheless, should spam be successful in breaking through the security barriers of LOVOO, real-time and machine-learning algorithms that automatically identify unusual user behaviour at LOVOO take effect.

    If a profile is classified as spam, it will be automatically blocked and must be verified. As long as a profile classified as spam has not been verified, it will be hidden by the LOVOO platform and can no longer contact other users.

    Furthermore, innumerable tips from users are checked by our Customer Service Team on a daily basis in order to identify potential spam profiles. Profiles that have been registered at LOVOO for longer can also be classified as spam with newly acquired knowledge.

    Should you come across a profile that you consider to be spam, use the Report function directly in the app or send an email to our customer service at Many thanks for your support in the combatting of spam at LOVOO!

  • Block a profile

    Do you wish to no longer be contacted by a certain user? Then you can block this user quickly and easily. To do this, open the profile in question, click on the "Options" symbol and then select "Block".

    Note: Please note that users blocked by you can still visit your profile and see your pictures. However, they can no longer write to you.

  • Your photos are used by another profile

    We do not tolerate such behavior on our platform and help you to clarify such an incident.

    We need your assistance to seek out a fake profile. This is the only way we can identify and block the profile.

    We need the profile ID to successfully locate it in our database.

    If you have a LOVOO profile, please use the search function to find the profile. If you do not have an account yourself, please ask the person from whom you received the information about the fake profile for help and explain the process to them, if necessary.

    We will block the fake profile as soon as we have located it. It will no longer be visible to the LOVOO user and the creator cannot take any further action.

    We recommend that you file a report with the responsible police authority. Our support team will disclose all important relevant information for communication with the authorities.

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  • Delete cache

    In some cases you can solve a problem by yourself by deleting your phone's or your webbrowser´s cache.

    Please follow these instructions:

    Using an iOS device:
    1) Log off the LOVOO app
    2) Stop the app by pushing the home button twice and swiping the app thumbnail upwards
    3) Restart your phone

    Using an Android device:
    1) Log off the LOVOO app
    2) Stop the LOVOO app and all other apps. Open your settings and then the application manager. Tap on LOVOO, choose "force stop" and "clear cache".
    3) Restart your phone

    Using the LOVOO website:
    - Mozilla Firefox:
    - Google Chrome:
    - Safari:

  • Your profile seems to be inactive

    If you receive no messages from your contacts or new contact requests over an extended period that is out of the norm, please contact us so that we can check your profile. It is important that you specify the email address with which you registered.

  • You have been blocked for this offer

    There may be several reasons for this:
    - Firstly, it may be that several users did not like your behavior in the app, and they have reported your profile.
    - However, it could be a mere precautionary measure carried out by our system because – for example – you are retrieving our server via a VPN or proxy connection, which is something users do when they want to harm our community.

    In some cases, the system itself will tell you how you can remove the block. For example, by verifying your profile and thus proving that the pictures on your profile actually belong to you. Please understand that this is the only way we can ensure that our platform is exclusively used by used by users with honest intentions.