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  • Corona and dating – what should I keep in mind?

    Coronavirus is currently the word on everyone’s lips, and we want to quickly brief you to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy.

    You don’t need to stop matching and flirting, but there are some steps we strongly encourage you to take in line with the standards of the WHO (the World Health Organization).

    Make sure coronavirus doesn’t stand a chance! How to avoid infection:

    • Wash your hands!
      Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Sing Happy Birthday twice or simply make up your own song while you do it. With Wash your Lyrics you can create your own infographic with instructions for hand washing and your favourite song.

    How it works with Britney:

    • Don’t touch your face (it is important to keep your fingers away from your eyes, mouth, and nose) and avoid direct contact with elevator buttons, door handles of public buildings, escalators, and so on.
    • Pack your hand sanitizer if you have some and disinfect your hands from time to time.
    • Avoid crowds, direct physical contact, and keep a distance of 1 meter. Shaking hands is off the table for the time being.


    But what about my date?

    Even if you were really looking forward to it, it is best to postpone if you feel unwell. Not just for your sake, but also for the sake of others who you might put at risk.

    But you don’t have to stop dating!

    Simply date on Live! Date safely and soundly online with next|date

    Those who want or need to take it easy don’t need to miss out on dates! The next|date feature allows you to date conveniently and prevents you from infecting others or becoming infected.

    Simply go to the “Date” category in LOVOO Live and date in the stream. If you come across someone you like and you have flirted with one another for a few minutes, you could match with one another and enjoy a date alone in the video chat.

    Or meet your matches privately in the video chat. Our one-on-one video chat feature makes it possible.

    So, my dears, stay healthy, keep calm and don’t stop flirting.

  • Reporting profiles

    Profile created, people met and always a smile on your lips – it was so nice. Unfortunately, even at LOVOO not everything always goes as planned, even though we make every effort.

    Sometimes users don’t follow the community rules and you don’t feel comfortable with them (anymore). If this is the case, please don’t hesitate to report the profile in question.

    If you notice user profiles which:

    • are fake or include stolen photos,
    • harass, annoy or insult you and/or other users,
    • offer advertising for third parties or promise services,
    • display pornographic, tasteless or hateful content,
    • may be of underage persons,

    ...then go to “Report” & “Block” at the bottom of the profile, select your reason and click the “Send” button.
    We’ll take it from there.

  • Blocking profiles

    You do not want to be contacted by a certain person anymore? You can quickly and easily block this person. You can do this on their profile under “Report & Block”.

    Information: Please note that users you block can still access your profile and see your pictures. However, they cannot write to you.

  • Cancelling matches

    Swiped, no longer applies or just not a good feeling If you no longer feel at ease with a match, you can cancel it very easily:

    • Go to the chat with your match.
    • At the top right you will find three dots, click on them.
    • Select “Cancel match.”
    • Select the reason why you wish to cancel the match (anonymously). This allows us to identify users who violate our rules more quickly.

    And your match will be a thing of the past.

  • Fakes, spam, and scams – what to do?

    Fakes, spam, and scams – no one likes fraud. You can help us make LOVOO an open-minded, honest place.
    It’s really easy: If you come across a suspicious profile, take screenshots if you can and report it to us. We will then take action against it.

    Here is a brief overview of fakes, spam, and scams and how to quickly identify such profiles:

    Fake profiles (profiles that do not represent the person behind them):

    • masquerade as someone who they are not
    • are not verified
    • do not want to meet with you in person
    • may try to damage the reputation of another person
    • try to exploit the community

    Spam profiles (Profiles that are used to disseminate unwanted advertising for other products or platforms):

    • try to direct users to another (commercial) website
    • try to write to you outside of LOVOO (often on the grounds that they cannot do so with LOVOO)
    • write to users with prepared text

    Scams (fraudulent profiles that seek to harm other users):

    • try to quickly make contact with you outside of LOVOO
    • often report rather unbelievable and pitiful stories (e.g. they say they are abroad because of a job or military deployment, they need money for world travel)
    • quickly ask for money, often after they have told you about a stroke of misfortune
    • are pretty quick to declare their love and write overly corny messages.

    Technical measures to prevent, identify and combat spam attacks

    In general, we distinguish between the following three types of spam: Fake profiles, spam profiles, and scam profiles. To make things easier, we have summarized these different types of profiles as “Spam” in the following.

    We have a team specialized in the prevention of these attacks to combat spam. They classify and remove spam in a number of comprehensive steps. These include:

    • the secure transmission of data,
    • Combating invalid email addresses,
    • hiding profiles that are not fully authorized from other users
    • regularly improving our anti-spam technologies and regulations.

    What if this isn’t enough?
    If spammers still succeed in getting past LOVOO's security barriers, the real-time and machine-learning algorithms that automatically identify unusual user behaviour in LOVOO will take effect.

    What happens when a profile is classified as spam?
    If a profile is classified as spam, it will be clocked and will need to be verified, e.g. with photo or SMS verification. Until a profile classified as spam is verified, it will be hidden from the LOVOO platform and will no longer be able to contact LOVOO users.

    How can you help us?
    You can also help to learn more about spam attacks. Your information about potential spam profiles will be checked by our Customer Care Team. Even long-standing fake profiles can be detected and removed. If you have come across a profile that you think is spam, use the report feature in the app or contact our Customer Care Team. Thanks for your support!

    What’s more, on this page we have compiled more information and tips about this topic for you.

  • My pictures are being used by another profile

    We do not tolerate this behaviour on our platform and will provide you with assistance.

    However, we will need your help to identify and block the profile. We need the profile ID to do this. This enables us to find the profile in our database.

    Do you have a LOVOO profile? Then please use the search feature to find the fraudulent profile.

    You don’t have LOVOO? Then please ask the person who made you aware of the fake profile for help and explain the procedure to them:

    How to proceed:

    1. Go to the LOVOO website and log in using your profile information.
    2. Search for the profile you want to report.
    3. Open the profile in question in a new tab by holding down the “Ctrl” or “Cmd” key and clicking on the profile at the same time.
    4. Copy the link from the address line of your Internet browser. This is what tells us the user ID.
    5. Contact our Customer Care Team and provide the user ID.

    We will block the fake profile as soon as we have located it. It will be hidden from LOVOO users and the creator will not be able to do anything with it.

    We recommend that you also file a report with your local police department. Our Customer Care Team will send you all the important information you need for communicating with the authorities.

  • Stay safe!

    It’s great when things move from online to offline.
    Dates can be wonderful, funny, and sometimes boring – and unfortunately they sometimes turn out very differently.

    It is important to us that everyone has a pleasant and, most importantly, safe time with one another.

    Our tips on planning the real “first” date should make you feel secure:

    • Listen to your gut!
      If something seems a little off to you, listen to your intuition and remove yourself from the situation or don’t go there in the first place. Even if the person tells you that this makes them feel hurt or disappointed, your well-being is more important.
    • It is a good idea to phone or use the video chat first before you meet in “real life.” This will give you a better feel for the person.
    • The best place to meet for the first time is in public. Ideally, it should be a place you know well where you feel safe. Their flat in not a good place for a first date.
    • Tell your friends about the date and take your phone with you.
    • And don’t forget: You can leave at any time if you start to feel uncomfortable.
    • If you are invited to take part in a video chat, remember that this may be recorded and this may include you and anything you do. This can still happen when someone promises they won’t record anything.

    Should you run into an uncomfortable situation when meeting up with someone, for example due to

    • annoyance
    • harassment
    • theft
    • blackmail

    ...we advise that you report the person in question to us and file a report with the police with the profile ID.

    Nobody should have to go through this, and we will do our best to assist you in the situation.