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  • What are the Content and Conduct Guidelines?

    A wonderful place where everyone feels at ease, treats one another respectfully, feels safe and the boundaries of others are accepted and respected. This is how we imagine LOVOO to be and to make LOVOOO such a place for you, there are a number of rules that everyone must follow.

    You are LOVOO if you take these rules seriously.

    We support freedom of speech and believe that it best for all of us if everyone has a voice. We believe that a variety of views and experiences enriches our community. There are some restrictions on the content and behaviour that we allow in order to protect both the user experience and security.

    We are aware that abuse can happen and that some groups will be disproportionately affected by abuse, especially if the abuse is targeted at gender, sexuality or skin colour, or targeted at traditionally underrepresented or marginalized groups. We are committed to combating abusive actions, especially when driven by hatred, prejudice or intolerance, and especially when the aim of the abuse is to silence the voices of those who are traditionally unrepresented.

    If you see something on LOVOO or hayi (hereinafter jointly referred to as LOVOO) that breaches or violates our guidelines, please use the reporting feature in the app or contact (for the LOVOO app) or (for the hayi app).

    These Content and Conduct Guidelines are part of our Terms of Service.

  • Community Guidelines

    LOVOO has so much to offer you: Fun, deep conversations, self-awareness, distraction, perhaps even love. And this is mainly because of the great people you can meet here.
    This is why LOVOO should be a place where EVERYONE feels good.

    With a few simple rules, we want to enable you and everyone else to be in a safe and respectful space while you get to know one other.

    Keep it decent!

    A basic requirement for having a great time on LOVOO is to be pleasant to the people you meet here. Never send messages that are offensive, pushy, or threatening!
    Every form of intolerance is unacceptable on LOVOO.
    It’s a good idea to ask yourself the following: “Would I want to read a message like this?”

    We don’t want to play the police but….

    ...please only use LOVOO for legal purposes. Please comply with the local legislation of your country.

    What has no place on LOVOO?

    • Pornographic content and violence
      Images and videos that hint at or show nudity, sexual and/or pornographic acts are not permitted on LOVOO. Any form and representation of violence is also prohibited.
    • Nudity or allusions to sex that involve minors
      Minors must be given special protection. Never send content that includes nudity or sexual acts with minors. The use of LOVOO by minors is not permitted.
    • Violation of privacy
      You need the consent of other people before you can publish their images. Remember to respect the spatial privacy of others. You cannot upload data such as images of their home or bedroom etc. under any circumstances.
    • Threats
      Intimidation and blackmail have no place on LOVOO! Never threaten or scare other users!
    • Harassment, bullying, insults
      The bottom line: Any behaviour that intentionally harms, pressures, or humiliates others is prohibited. The same applies when someone is not interested in you. Please respect their decision.
    • Fake profiles
      LOVOO should be one thing above everything else: authentic. To ensure this, we have to make sure that we have a few things in each profile.
      That’s why we need a nice profile picture of you in which you can be easily recognized, and we also ask you to verify your profile. Please only upload images of yourself.
    • Spam
      While we’re on the topic of spam: LOVOO profiles may not be used for commercial purposes or make reference to other company websites or ads. We have compiled more information on this topic here for you.

    If you violate our rules, the unauthorized content may be deleted and/or your account may be blocked. You may be blocked temporarily or permanently depending on the severity of the violation.

    In the event of a violation of the rules, we reserve the right to respond at our discretion to ensure that LOVOO remains safe and pleasant for all users.

    LOVOO reserves the right to amend or modify these guidelines.