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  • What are the Content and Conduct Guidelines?

    A wonderful place where everyone feels at ease, treats one another respectfully, feels safe and the boundaries of others are accepted and respected. This is how we imagine LOVOO to be and to make LOVOOO such a place for you, there are a number of rules that everyone must follow.

    You are LOVOO if you take these rules seriously.

    We support freedom of speech and believe that it best for all of us if everyone has a voice. We believe that a variety of views and experiences enriches our community. There are some restrictions on the content and behaviour that we allow in order to protect both the user experience and security.

    We are aware that abuse can happen and that some groups will be disproportionately affected by abuse, especially if the abuse is targeted at gender, sexuality or skin colour, or targeted at traditionally underrepresented or marginalized groups. We are committed to combating abusive actions, especially when driven by hatred, prejudice or intolerance, and especially when the aim of the abuse is to silence the voices of those who are traditionally unrepresented.

    If you see something on LOVOO that breaches or violates our guidelines, please use the reporting feature in the app or contact

    These Content and Conduct Guidelines are part of our Terms of Service.

  • What are the Community Guidelines?

    What rules apply at LOVOO?

    LOVOO is the perfect app for everyone who enjoys meeting new people and can offer you so much, including fun, deep conversations, self-knowledge, distraction, and even love. And that's mostly thanks to the great people you can get to know here.

    With the help of a few simple rules, we want to enable you to express your personality freely and creatively while at the same time creating a safe and respectful atmosphere. This applies to all of our features, including LOVOO Live.

    Keep things respectful!

    To ensure that everyone has a great time on LOVOO, it is important to treat the people you meet here with respect. Never send messages that are offensive, intrusive, or threatening!

    All forms of intolerance are unacceptable at LOVOO.

    A good moral compass will guide you: "Would I want to read a message like this?"

    The following applies to LOVOO Live in particular:

    A good live stream is one where you can actually see the streamers. This means that your face must be clearly visible. Streaming with a mask, a black screen, or facing the ceiling is neither preferable nor allowed.

    The following generally does not belong on LOVOO or in your streams:

    • Pornographic content and violence

    Videos that imply or show nudity, sexual and/or pornographic acts as well as violence are not allowed on LOVOO Live. This also applies to erotic poses/actions in underwear, as well as streaming in the shower or bathtub (even if you do not show yourself naked).

    • Nudity or sexual suggestions involving minors

    Minors require special protection. Videos that contain nudity or sexual acts by/with minors are prohibited on LOVOO. In addition, minors are not allowed to use LOVOO.

    • Invasion of privacy

    You need other people's consent before you can publish pictures of them or show them in a video. Always remember to protect the privacy of others, as well as their intellectual property and private information. For example, pictures of their home or bedroom must never be shown without their permission.

    • Threats

    Intimidation and blackmail have no place on LOVOO. Never threaten or frighten other users! We will punish violations accordingly.

    • Harassment, bullying, and insulting

    Refrain from anything that intentionally hurts, harasses, or humiliates other people. If someone is not interested in you, please respect that decision.

    • Fakes

    LOVOO should be one thing above all – authentic. For this reason, you need a profile picture on LOVOO in which you can be easily recognized. We also ask you to verify your profile. Please do not upload pictures of other people, celebrities, or organizations as profile pictures, only pictures of yourself .

    • Spam

    Misusing a LOVOO profile for commercial purposes, i.e. to draw attention to other websites or services, is not permitted. We have more information on this topic here.

    • Identity deception/identity theft

    You must not imitate any person, group, or organization with the intention to mislead, confuse or defraud others.

    • Vulgar language

    We do not accept language that goes below the belt, insulting swear words, or racist expressions. Respectful treatment of others in the app is important to us.

    • Safety first

    Dangerous activities or products that can lead to self-harm have no place on LOVOO. We are referring to our Live feature in particular here. Streaming while you are driving your car or operating devices or machinery is dangerous for you and others and is therefore prohibited.

    • Alcohol and drugs

    The consumption of drugs is expressly prohibited. In other words, drinking and drinking games have no place on LOVOO!

    • Unlawful use

    LOVOO may not be used for illegal purposes or to support illegal activities. Pay attention to the local legislation in your country.

    • Contests and sweepstakes

    To take part in our sweepstakes or contests, you must be at least 18 years old and legally reside in the European Union. You may not give yourself any gifts or through other accounts that you directly or indirectly control. We may request that potential winners provide evidence of eligibility to participate within seven days. If you are not authorized or cannot provide the requested information or if the content of your stream does not meet our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to exclude you from the contest.

    Important: Anyone who does not follow our rules will be banned. Unauthorized content will be deleted and/or the account will be blocked. Depending on the severity of the violation, the blocking can be temporary or permanent. We reserve the right to respond to rule violations on an individual basis and at our discretion. You are LOVOO if you take these rules seriously.

    Should you see someone else violating these rules, please report the profile to us immediately. If you feel harassed by a LOVOO user, you can report this to us at any time and block the person. We'll take care of the rest.

    PS: You can download the long version of our guidelines at any time here.

    LOVOO reserves the right to amend or change these guidelines.

  • Photos in your gallery

    A well-stocked gallery will help you a lot. The more you reveal about yourself and your personality, the better chances you will have of matches. (Having 3 photos in your gallery will increase your chances of matches by 29% to be exact.)

    How to manage your photos in your LOVOO profile:

    • You can upload and delete photos in your profile under "Photos".

    • You can upload as many new pictures as you like by clicking on the camera symbol.

    • You can delete pictures by opening the photo, clicking on the symbol at the top right, and then confirming that you wish to delete.

    Tip: Keep your gallery up to date and varied. Reveal something about yourself and your life. This not only stimulates curiosity, it also makes it easier for others to write to you.

    Yes, there are also guidelines for photos.

    The following has no place in your gallery:
    Weapons, violence, banned symbols, drugs, advertising, children, naked people, genitalia, pornographic content.

  • Profile pictures

    You can manage your profile pictures in your profile by tapping on your current profile picture (iOS) or on the camera symbol (Android).

    Tap on the camera symbol to add new pictures.

    To remove a profile picture, simply upload a new one. This will automatically replace the old one.

    Please bear in mind our guidelines for profile pictures:

    • Your face must be easily recognizable.
    • The following is not permitted: Children, weapons, violence, banned symbols, drugs, advertising, naked people, genitalia, pornographic content.

    Need some inspiration for a perfect profile picture? Take a look at here.