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  • About me and profile

    You can enter anything you are interested in and would like to share with others in your profile under “Details.” The more love you put into your profile and you share something about your life, the more keen other people will be to get to know you.

    This is where you should answer the three profile questions. What’s your idea of a perfect date? What was the last meal that you cooked? What Disney character are you and what is your greatest fault? Choose three questions that appeal to you and that you would like to answer and add them to your profile. This is the place to show your humour or to express serious thoughts and wishes – a space for you to reveal your personality!

  • Hometown

    You can change your place of residence in your profile under “Details”.

  • Search settings

    You get to decide who sees you on Match or on the radar, at least in terms of gender and age range.

    If you would like to change your search settings (gender, age), you have three options:

    Change search settings in Match

    You will find the symbol for filter settings at the top right. You can change the gender of your future flirting partners with one click and expand or reduce the age range with the little slider.

    Change search settings in the local area / in the radar

    If you click on Nearby in the bottom bar of the app, you will also find the icon for the filter settings and proceed as described above.

    Change search settings in the profile

    In your profile you can find your search settings under “Settings” and you can change them.

    You cannot search for people by username.

  • Name and date of birth

    You can either change your username in your profile under “Details” or in the settings under “My Account.”

    Here you can also edit your date of birth if you have accidentally changed your age. 😉

    Beware: You can only change your date of birth once.