My dates

  • Hometown

    You can edit your hometown in your profile under "Details".

  • Name & birthday

    You can edit your profile name and date of birth in the settings under "My account".

    Please note that you can only edit your date of birth once.

My pictures

  • Photos

    You can manage your photos in your profile. You can upload as many as you like via the camera icon.

    To delete a photo, select it within your profile and tap on the "More" button.

    Please observe our guidelines for photos:
    - The following is not permitted: weapons, violence, illegal symbols, drugs, advertising, nudity, genitalia, pornographic content.

  • Profile pictures

    You can manage your profile pictures in your profile by tapping on your current profile picture (iOS) or on the the camera symbol (Android).

    Simply tap on the camera symbol to add new pictures.

    To remove a profile picture, simply upload a new one. The old one will be automatically replaced.

    Please observe our guidelines for profile pictures:
    - Your face must be easily recognizable.
    - The following is not permitted: children, weapons, violence, illegal symbols, drugs, advertising, nudity, genitalia, pornographic content.

My interests & about me

  • About me & description

    You can specify everything that interests you and what you would like to share with other users in your profile under "Details". The more detail you go into when describing yourself, the more others will be keen to get to know you.

  • Search settings

    In your profile, you can change your search settings (gender, age) for the Match game and the profiles in your environment under "Details".

    You can also change you search settings in your profile settings.

    It is not possible to search for users by username.

My account

  • Email address & password

    You can edit your email address registered at LOVOO as well as your login password in the settings under "My account".

  • Connect to Facebook & Google+

    You can connect your LOVOO profile to your Facebook or Google+ account so that you can log in as quickly and easily as possible.

    Pointer: Your Facebook friends cannot see your LOVOO membership and we will not post anything on your timeline without your permission.

    In order to cancel the connection to your Facebook account, simply log into your Facebook profile and go to "Settings", "App".

  • Delete account

    You can delete your LOVOO account in the settings under "My account".

    If you have not assigned a password to your LOVOO account, it can be deleted by clicking on the link that is automatically sent to your registered email address.

    If that doesn't work out and you don't receive an email, you can create a new password in the settings under "Change password". Then switch to the section "Delete account" and enter the password you just created. Confirm deletion by clicking on the corresponding button.

    Temporary deactivation of your account is not possible.

    - All credits you have purchased with expire without compensation and can neither be transferred to another profile, nor reimbursed.
    - By deleting a profile, an existing subscription is not automatically ended. You will need to terminate it yourself with your selected payment provider.

Privacy settings

  • Location, VIP functions & blocking

    You can configure the following settings under "Community settings / privacy":

    - Location detection:
    Ensure that you are visible to other users at your location.

    - Radar:
    Activate this function so that you are visible to other users on the radar and you can see other users.


    - Blocked users
    Here you can see which users you have blocked and, where appropriate, unblock them.

  • Personalised advertising

    We would very much like that you only see advertising that best suits you.

    Personalised advertising is displayed to you in our app by MoPub (a subsidiary of Twitter) and its advertising partners in line with our Privacy Policy. Depending on your device and app settings, your advertising identifier, your approximate location and profile information shared by you are used in accordance with MoPub’s Privacy Policy.

    As we value your privacy, we never forward your e-mail address, user name or profile picture to third parties. By using our app, you confirm that you are over the age of 16 and agree to the display of personalised advertising. You can object to this at any time by adjusting your device and app settings. In this case, you would still see the same amount of advertisements, but they might be less relevant to you.

    If you wish to contradict the use of this information for promotional purposes, you can opt out of personalised advertising in the app settings under Privacy and in your device settings. On an Apple device, this is done in the iOS settings under "Privacy" - "Advertising" by activating the option "Limit Ad Tracking" or on an Android end device under "Google Settings" (or " Settings" followed by "Google"), then click on "Ads "and click on the button "Disable related ads". You can delete the IDFA or the Advertising ID at any time in the device settings ("Reset Ad-ID"). Then a new identification number will be created, which will not be merged with the previously collected data.

Push notifications

  • Manage notifications

    To make sure that you don't miss any notifications or matches, we will send you LOVOO notifications directly to your smartphone screen.

    Want to activate or pause notifications? No problem! You can activate or deactivate "Notifications" in the settings.