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  • Location, visibility, and blocked users

    You can change settings regarding your location, visibility, and blocked profiles under “Privacy” in the app settings.

    Location finder
    Make sure that you can meet people who are nearby and enable the location finder.

    You need to activate the radar to be visible in the radar and to be able to meet people nearby.

    Ghost mode
    Premium users can visit profiles anonymously. In ghost mode, which can be enabled and disabled under “Privacy,” you remain invisible when it comes to profile views and are shown as offline.

    Blocked users
    This provides you with an overview of users you have blocked and can unblock them if you like.

  • Personalized ads

    Only want to see ads tailored to you?

    In the app you will be shown personalized ads from our advertising partners, including MoPub (a subsidiary of Twitter) and its advertising partners.
    Depending on your device and app settings, your advertising identification, your rough location shared by you and the profile information shared by you are used for this purpose, in accordance with the Privacy Policy of LOVOO and MoPub.

    Your privacy is important to us. We never forward data such as your email address, username or profile picture. By using our app, you also confirm that you are over the age of 18 and agree to being shown personalized advertising.
    You can object to this at any time by adjusting the device and app settings. Please note that you will still be shown the same amount of advertising, but it will be less adapted to your interests.

    Objection to the use of data for advertising purposes

    If you wish to object to the use of this data for advertising purposes, you can disable personalized advertising in the app settings under “Privacy” and directly in your device settings.

    On Apple devices you can do this in the iOS settings under
    Privacy > Advertising > No Ad Tracking.


    Devices with Android systems are adapted in the following way:

    Google settings (or Settings > Google) > Ads > Disable interest-related Ads

    You can delete the IDFA or advertising ID at any time in the device settings (“Remove ad ID”). A new identification number will then be created that is matched with the data previously collected.