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  • How do I start/end a live stream?
    • Go to the Live section of the app by clicking on “Live” in the lower menu bar, and tap on the camera symbol.
    • After that we remind you once again of our most important rules, which you must confirm.
    • Before you really get started, you can check whether the lighting is good, the camera angle is suitable, and you are happy with your setup.
    • Enter your stage by clicking on “START!”
    • When you’ve had enough, you can end the stream by clicking on “X” at the top. A window will open where you can confirm or cancel the end of the stream.
  • What can I do in a live stream?

    As a viewer...

    you can show your appreciation for good streams or streamers – with applause or animated gifts. This allows you to draw attention to yourself and show streamers that you like what they say or do.

    If you really like a video, you can mark the person as a favourite; we call that “Sending a fave” in LOVOO slang.

    To do this, simply click on the star next to the profile name. Videos of these streamers now appear automatically under “Favourites” when you open LOVOO Live.

    You can also write comments in the live stream or join the side stream by video if the streamers want you to.

    As a streamer...

    you can interact with your audience. Respond to comments, answer questions, invite people into the side stream or discover our different features such as battles, Next|Date, surveys, and more.

  • Where will my stream appear?

    It depends. If your stream is popular at the moment and you have a lot of viewers, you can be found under “Trending”.

    Everyone who is nearby will see your video in the list “Nearby.”

    If someone marks you as a favourite, your stream will appear under “Favourites.”

    The stream can be visited or left as often as desired while it is running. If the live video has ended, it can no longer be accessed and is not saved.

  • Who will see my stream?

    When you start a stream, i.e. go live, it will be visible to everyone – provided that they join the stream. If someone accesses your profile, the banner “is currently live” will appear there.

    Let your fans know when you go live by sending them a message with the time and topic of the stream.

    To do this, open your profile > Your fans > “Send your fans a message.” And make sure the good news is less than 250 characters.

  • How can I find out who is currently live?

    You can see LOVOO users who are currently live in one of the lists under “Live” in the lower menu bar. If you come across someone in the chat or in Match who is currently live, you can tell this by the “is currently live” banner in the profile.
    Subscribe to the notifications of your favourites to make sure you never miss a stream again.

    This is how you do it:

    • Click on the small symbol at the top left to open the profile.
    • Open the settings by clicking on the small cog at the top right.
    • There you can manage and enable your notifications. We recommend that you enable all notifications so that you don’t miss any more updates or love messages.
  • How do I report/block a stream?

    We would be very grateful if you could report streams and streamers that violate our guidelines. This will help make LOVOO a safe place for everyone.

    How to report streams:
    Go to the person’s stream and click on the small warning triangle and then on “Report.” We will receive your report immediately and start processing it.

    Block streamers:
    You would prefer not to see a streamer again? Then it’s best to block the entire profile.

    To do this, open the profile, click on the three dots at the top right, and then go to “Block.” From then on, the streams of this person will no longer be shown to you and he/she will no longer be able to watch your streams or contact you.

  • Moderators on LOVOO Live at a glance

    Moderators keep track of all comments for you and remove annoying viewers so that you can fully concentrate on streaming.

    Important information for choosing your moderators:

    • Choose people with whom you are often in contact and whom you trust.
    • Define clear rules for your moderators so that they do not remove the wrong viewers.
    • Allow critical questions and comments, your stream will thrive on these.
    • Don’t appoint too many moderators, it’s better to choose two or three who you can fully rely on.
    • Important: The moderators you appoint will moderate all your streams until you remove their authority to do so. So think carefully about who you give this superpower to.

    How to appoint moderators:

    • In your stream, click on the name of your chosen assistant.
    • Then click on the three dots in the top right corner.
    • Select “Add as moderator” and you’re done.

    Removing moderators:

    If you want to remove moderators from their role, you will find this option here, too. You can recognize appointed moderators by the shield symbol and their red username.