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  • What are icebreakers?

    The icebreaker is your chance to write to a special someone right away without having to wait for a match. With your Icebreaker, which needs to be original and personalized, you can literally break the ice between you.

    We refill your icebreakers every day, so sending or receiving an Icebreaker is always something special. Basic users get one icebreaker a day and Premium users get three icebreakers a day.

    Has your icebreaker been rejected? Not to worry! Practice makes perfect.
    You can find some inspiration for future icebreakers on our blog.




  • What are icebreakers for?

    Surveys carried out among our users have shown that there are still a number of outstanding issues in this area: Women get too many chat requests, and men get too few. And the messages are often too monotonous and boring, e.g. “Hey” and “Hi, how are you?”.

    This is where the icebreaker comes in handy! It should bring life to your inbox and quality to your chats, give messages greater value and give everyone the chance to stand out.

  • How does an icebreaker work?

    As with every form of communication, there are two sides to every icebreaker: that of the author and that of the recipient. To give you a better idea of this feature, let us take a look at it from both sides.

    The icebreaker from the author's standpoint:

    An icebreaker should be short and sweet: you have 250 characters. Try to be humorous, original, or charming. You can also use the person's profile for inspiration. Anything's better than "Hi, how's it going?"!

    (Statistically, extremely long chat messages and messages such as "Hi" or "Hi, how's it going?" have the lowest probability of receiving a reply. So try to be a little more creative.)

    One more important tip: Pay attention to your grammar and spelling! Blunders or careless mistakes can quickly cost you a chance.

    The icebreaker from the recipient's standpoint:

    When someone sends you an icebreaker, you will receive a push notification. You will also receive a special notification within the app itself when you receive an icebreaker.

    Note: You can only open one icebreaker at a time.  

    A list of unopened icebreakers is not available. Each one could be the only one or the last one. This creates greater suspense, increases the personal value of each message, and helps ensure more equal opportunities. 

    After opening an icebreaker, you can click on the profile photo to view all of the author's other images – without visiting the profile itself.

  • Where can I see a list of icebreakers I've sent?

    There is no list of icebreakers that have not yet received a reply or which have been rejected. Each one could be the last. This creates greater suspense, increases the personal value of each message, and helps ensure more equal opportunities.

    As soon as your icebreaker receives a reply, you will find the message in your chats, and both of you can send unlimited messages to each other.

    If you no longer remember who you've sent an icebreaker to, visit that person's profile and/or take a look at the letter icon:

    • Normal letter icon: You have not yet sent this person an icebreaker. It's high time you did! 
    • A letter icon with a small arrow: You've sent an icebreaker, but the person has not yet responded.
    • A letter symbol with an "x": You've sent this person an icebreaker, but they've rejected it.
  • How many icebreakers can I send each day?

    We top up your icebreakers every day.

    Basic users get one icebreaker a day. When you send one, the next one will load in 24 hours.

    Premium users get three icebreakers a day.

    When you send one, it will recharge within eight hours. If you have sent more than one, they do not reload at the same time but one after the other. Each icebreaker needs eight hours before it can be used again. If you have used all three in quick succession, it will be 8 hours before you can send an icebreaker again.

    As a Premium member you can purchase additional icebreakers. If you see someone in Match who knocks your socks off but you have already used up all the icebreakers, there’s no need to despair – you just need to stock up.

    Another great advantage: In Premium it is easy to find profiles that you have liked in the past and write to them at a later point in time.

  • Why can I send so few icebreakers?

    The restriction is in place for two reasons: Firstly, we want to protect our female users from having overflowing inboxes and, secondly, we want to make sure that messages are more meaningful. It takes more than just a “Hi, how’s it going?” (in most cases at least) to stand out from the competition and get someone’s attention. At the same time, icebreakers can’t just be ignored, they need to be responded to.