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  • What are icebreakers?

    Icebreakers are your chance to send special persons a message instantly without having previously matched with them. Icebreakers literally allow you to break the ice between you and them.

    Basic members are entitled to one icebreaker a day. Premium members can send three icebreakers a day. That is why sending or receiving an icebreaker is always something special.
    An icebreaker is your first contact with another person. We therefore recommend putting some thought into your icebreakers to make them unique and creative. Copying and pasting when interacting with real people is never well-received. Show your best side, your personality (humorous, charming, elegant or cool) and your genuine interest by responding to the other person's profile or profile pictures. Sometimes it's the first impression that counts.

    Your icebreaker was rejected? Chin up. Stay in the game by sending a creative message to the next interesting person. Perhaps your next first message will also be the last. You will find inspiration for your future icebreakers in our blog.






  • What are icebreakers for?

    Surveys carried out among our users have shown that there are still a number of outstanding issues in this area: Women get too many chat requests, and men get too few. And the messages are often too monotonous and boring, e.g. “Hey” and “Hi, how are you?”.

    This is where the icebreaker comes in handy! It should bring life to your inbox and quality to your chats, give messages greater value and give everyone the chance to stand out.

  • How do icebreakers work?

    As with any type of communication, there are two sides to every icebreaker: the sender and the recipient. Would you like to know more about how this feature works? Then take a look at the following explanations.


    Sending icebreakers – How it works:

    Write a succinct icebreaker using no more than 250 characters or record a voice message. Try to be funny, original, or charming. You can also respond to the information on the person's profile. Anything is better than "Hi, how are you?" !

    (Statistically speaking, very long chat requests and requests like "Hi" or "Hi, how are you?" are least likely to get a response. So feel free to be a bit more creative.)

    Another top tip: Pay attention to grammar and spelling! Bloopers and slip-ups can quickly cost you your chance.

    Receiving icebreakers – How we notify you:

    When someone sends you an icebreaker, you'll get a push notification. The incoming icebreaker is also displayed in a special way in the app.

    You will see a list of all your pending icebreakers under "New Icebreakers". In this list, you will only see the profile picture of the person who sent the oldest icebreaker, and can only respond to that person. If you have received multiple Icebreakers, you can open them one after the other to discover the people who have shown an interest in you.

    When you open an icebreaker, you can click on the profile picture to see all of the sender's other pictures without visiting the profile.

  • Where can I see my sent icebreakers?

    There is no list of unanswered or rejected icebreakers. Each one could be the last. This makes things more exciting, increases the personal value of each message, and makes sure everyone has a fair chance.

    When you get a response to your icebreaker, you'll find the message in your chats and can send an unlimited number of messages to each other.

    If you don't remember who you sent an icebreaker to, you can take a look at the envelope icon in the person's profile:

    • Normal envelope icon: You haven't sent the person an icebreaker yet. Now is a good time!
    • An envelope icon with a small arrow: You have already sent an Icebreaker. However, this person has not yet responded.
    • An envelope icon with an "x": You have already sent this person an icebreaker. However, they rejected it.
  • How many icebreakers can I send each day?

    Basic members have one icebreaker per day. As soon as you send it, it renews within 24 hours. If you have already sent your daily icebreaker but would like to write another one, you will be redirected to the page with our Premium subscriptions when you click on the envelope icon.

    Premium members have three Icebreakers a day. If you send one, it will renew in eight hours. If you have sent several icebreakers, they will renew one after the other. Each icebreaker requires eight hours before it is ready for use again. If you have used all three in quick succession, it will take 24 hours for all of them to be renewed.

    As a Premium member, you can buy additional Icebreakers. So you don't have to despair if you see someone in Match who knocks your socks off, but you've already used up all your icebreakers for that day. You can easily buy more!

  • Why can I only send so few icebreakers?

    We want to save our female members from overcrowded inboxes. This means that instead of being constantly on the defensive and answering countless icebreakers, they also have time to actively play Match and give out likes. Furthermore, by limiting them, icebreakers gain a greater significance. Ideally, they are personal and individual messages that express a sincere interest and therefore have a higher chance of success.

    So avoid just a short "Hi, how are you" and instead draw attention to yourself with a creative and personalized message to set yourself apart from the rest of the competition.