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  • Symbols

    What do these symbols in the LOVOO chat mean?

    Here is a short list

    • Green dot: The person is currently online.
    • Blue crest: The person is verified.
    • Grey tick: Message unread
    • Green tick: Message read.
  • Tips

    Do you want to have inspiring chats, responses to your icebreakers and dates to boot? Then you’ve come to the right place. However, we can’t really help you with the flirting itself.

    But we are happy to share a few tips with you:

    Your profile is key

    You can write the world’s best icebreakers, but if your profile is nothing special (in the worst case you only have a picture in which your are not easily recognizable), your chances are rather poor.
    Also: Upload recent photos of yourself and make sure that your face is easily recognizable. If you would like to know which photos do well amongst women (and which do not), you can find out more in our blog.

    What should I write in an icebreaker?

    “Hi, how’s it going?” / “Hey, what’s up?”

    … are things that you shouldn’t write. You also shouldn’t write these things to new matches.

    The following always applies: Look at the profile of the person and make reference to it. Our profile questions make it easier for you to write great first messages. Did the person mention their special skill or favourite podcasts or reveal their favourite way to relax?
    These are all opportunities for you to ask questions and make reference. You can also respond to photos and profile details. The most important thing is to make it personal.
    We have also eternalized tips for icebreakers in our blog.

    By the way: Most people can smell copy and paste messages from 100 meters away. It is worth putting in some time and effort.