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  • Why has my chat disappeared?


    We will be happy to explain to you why chats, matches, likes or views can disappear from your LOVOO profile. There are four possible reasons.


    The other person has deleted their profile. Deleting a profile deletes all the data on this profile and therefore also removes it from your profile. The chat, the match, the like or the view will not re-appear even if this person creates a new profile.


    The other person has blocked you. We understand that it can be unpleasant when another person no longer wants contact with you. We recommend that you don't take it to heart, but instead focus on other people who are interested in a meaningful relationship with you. If it was a mistake and the other person unblocks you, your conversation will reappear in your chats after a few minutes and you can continue chatting.


    The other person has deleted the match. The deletion of a match cannot be undone. We understand that it isn't a good feeling when another person deletes a match with you and wants no further communication. There are a lot of other great members on LOVOO that you will find yourself on the same wavelength with. Do take another look in Match.


    The other person has been flagged by our security system. Unfortunately, there are dishonest members who create a LOVOO profile in order to contact you. As soon as our security system identifies such malicious profiles, we initiate security measures to protect our members. As a result, a conversation may suddenly no longer be visible. In the event of an error, the members concerned can contact us. After we have conducted checks, a conversation may subsequently become visible again.


    Please understand that we are not allowed to give you any further details due to data protection regulations.

  • How can I delete chats?



    Would you like to tidy up your chat overview? In the LOVOO app, you can delete entire chat histories by swiping a chat in the overview to the left with one finger and then tapping on the red trash can icon.

    On the LOVOO website, you can delete a chat by clicking on the small gray gear wheel in the chat and then confirming with "Delete" .

    Please note: It is not possible to restore a deleted chat. Therefore, be sure that you really want to delete the chat.

    Please also note: Even if you have deleted a chat, the other person can still see your conversation and send you messages. If you want to break off contact with this person completely, you can only do this by blocking their profile.

  • Where can I find my chats?


    Are you looking for your chats? Here's how to find them:

    In the LOVOO app, you can find your chats by tapping on "Chats" (speech bubble icon in the bottom right corner). A list with all your chats will appear.

    On the LOVOO website, you can view your chats by clicking on the speech bubble icon in the top right corner.


  • What do the icons in the chat mean?

    Wondering what all those symbols in the chat mean? Here's a quick breakdown:

    • Green dot in profile picture: Person is logged in
    • White check mark in blue circle: Person is verified
    • Gray check mark: Chat message sent but not yet read
    • Green check mark: Chat message read
  • What makes for a successful chat?


    Online dating sometimes takes a little time. No platform can guarantee you success. But we can indirectly help you to get to know that one special person.

    Here are a few tips for you:

    Fill out your profile completely. Don't hesitate to be creative and share a few interesting facts about yourself – this will make you interesting!

    Show your authentic self by answering your profile questions honestly. This will allow us to suggest Best Picks with whom you have things in common.

    A photo is worth a thousand words. Even if looks aren't everything, first impressions do count. If you want to know which photos are well-received in the app (and which are not so well-received), read our blog article.

    As a general rule, always read through the person's profile and act accordingly. Our profile questions make it easier for you to write good first messages. Did the person specify their patronus or favorite podcast? Did they reveal their favorite way to relax? All these are opportunities for you to ask questions or make references to the information in their profile.

    You can find more practical tips on our blog.

    Even if it takes a little longer – chin up! Keep calm and try again.