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  • Renewing Premium

    If you treat yourself to a Premium account, it will be automatically renewed for the same term as your deal. With a 3-month subscription, your account will be renewed for exactly 3 months once the term expires. However, if you cancel with your payment provider 24 hours before it expires, the subscription will come to an end.

    The full amount for the booked term will always be debited by your payment provider at the beginning of the relevant term.

    Note: If you select the payment methods of Sofortüberweisung or Paymentwall, a subscription is not purchased and your membership will end automatically when the booked term expires. You can check your payment details and the selected term in your account with the respective provider.

  • Premium has not yet been activated

    You have enthusiastically opted for Premium, but after a successful purchase your account was not immediately activated?

    This may be due to the fact that information related to your purchase was sent by your payment provider with a delay. We kindly ask for your patience.

    Sometimes it helps to log out and then in again to see your Premium profile.

    Still can’t see anything?
    Then it’s time to contact us. Contact our Customer Care Team and explain the problem as clearly as possible.

    Once the purchase has been made, you will normally receive a confirmation email from your payment provider. If you can’t find it, log in to your account with the selected payment provider to view the relevant payment receipt there.

    To ensure that your request can be processed as quickly as possible, please attach a screenshot of the payment receipt to your request, with the following information visible:

    • Email address that you used to register on LOVOO
    • Purchase date
    • Transaction number

    Email address that you used to register with the payment provider, if it is not identical to the email address you used to register with LOVOO

    Please note that we will be unable to assist you without the above information.

  • Cancellation

    Under current legislation, you have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days. If you wish to exercise this right or to object to multiple or incorrect debiting, please proceed as follows.

    For purchases made via Google Play, Paymentwall, and PayPal

    In this case, please contact our Customer Care Team with the following information:

    • Email address that you used to register on LOVOO
    • Purchase date
    • Transaction number
    • Email address that you used to register with the payment provider (if it is not identical to your LOVOO email address)
    • Evidence of double or incorrect charging by LOVOO GmbH (if applicable)

    You will find the necessary information on the receipt from your payment provider.

    Normally you will receive confirmation from your payment provider by email after the purchase. You can’t find the email? Please log in to your account with the selected payment provider. There you will find the relevant proof of payment.

    Please note that we cannot process your request without this information.

    For purchases made using iTunes

    As a general rule, LOVOO cannot cancel your subscription for you. When you purchase a membership, you enter into a binding contract with iTunes. LOVOO therefore does not have the legal authority to terminate this contract for you.

    For cancellation, we ask that you get in touch with the Support team of Apple iTunes.

    Here you can find instructions on how to disable the automatic renewal of subscriptions on LOVOO.

  • Cancel Premium

    You want to first see if you like Premium and stop automatic subscription renewal? Or you have already found someone special and you want to delete your account?
    Then it’s probably time to end your Premium membership.

    Warning: If you delete your LOVOO profile, your subscription will not be automatically terminated. You need to deal with this separately with your payment provider with whom you concluded your purchase agreement.

    When you terminate your membership, your profile will remain in Premium mode until the end of the term. For example, you can terminate on the same day that you get Premium and your membership will be secure for term you have selected. Once the term is over, your profile will still be available with all basic functions.

    But how?

    How to terminate your Premium subscription:
    Automatic renewals for Premium accounts can be terminated up to 24 hours before the term expires.

    • iTunes:

    If you click on this link you will find instructions on how to disable automatic subscription renewal with iTunes.

    • Google Play:

    You can cancel subscriptions via Google Play as described in these instructions.

    If this does not work, contact There you can view and manage all Google subscriptions.

    Have you paid via your cellphone invoice? In this case, please contact

    • PayPal:

    You can easily cancel premium accounts that were purchased via PayPal directly in your PayPal account:

    1. To do this log into
    2. Tap the gear icon in the top right.
    3. Select "Payments" in the top bar and then go to "Manage direct debit payments" followed by "show".
    4. Your active subscriptions will be displayed in the next window. Choose the LOVOO GmbH subscription. In the window that opens, tap on "Unsubscribe" on the right.
    5. Confirm the query "Cancel automatic payments" and your subscription is cancelled.

      You will then receive a confirmation of the successful cancellation.


    • Adyen (credit card):

    You can cancel a with Adyen purchased premium subscription directly in the app.

    1. Go to “News” (bell symbol in the bottom right corner).
    2. Open your profile (human symbol in the top left corner).
    3. Use the “LOVOO Premium” button under your profile photo.
    4. Scroll all the way down and tap the “Manage subscription” button.
    5. Use the “Cancel subscription” button.

    Alternatively, you can send your most recent Adyen purchase receipt to our Customer Care Team with a request to cancel.

    • Stripe (credit card):

    At the moment you can only cancel subscriptions via Stripe on our website.

    1. To do this, log in on the website.
    2. Click on the gear symbol at the top right to access the settings.
    3. Select “Premium”.
    4. Click on “Cancel subscription”.
    5. Follow the further instructions of Stripe.

    Note: In the case of payment methods Sofortüberweisung or Paymentwall, a subscription is not concluded and your membership will end automatically upon expiry of the booked term. You can check your payment details, as well as the selected term, in your account of the respective provider.